As Kairi is waiting on the beach of Destiny Islands, staring at the small island she used to play on with Sora and Riku, Axel appears out of nowhere. Kairi says to herself how she doesn't think waiting is good enough anymore. Suddenly, Axel spurts out, "My thoughts exactly! If you have a dream, don't wait. Act. One of life's little rules. Got it memorized?" Once Kairi realizes that someone is behind her, she simply asks who he is. Axel lies and tells Kairi that he is an acquaintance of Sora, and that he can take Kairi to see him. He holds out his hand, persuading her to follow him. Pluto barks for Kairi to snap out of her thoughts on following him. A portal opens as Pluto runs towards it, barking for her to follow him. Dusks appear and surround them all. Axel tells Kairi that they have things in common because they both are missing someone they deeply care about. He tells her that he feels like they're "friends already," as the Dusks close in on her. She runs towards the portal and turns around and screams towards him, "You're not acting very friendly!" Kairi runs into the portal and gets away from Axel for the time being.

Kairi ends up at Twilight Town with Pence, Hayner, and Olette. Axel appears and asks her what took her so long as he walks through the portal towards her. He grins and laughs a bit and says he somehow "just knew" she'd be there. He appreciates her guts to just jump right into a dark portal the way she did. Pence and Hayner try to attack Axel, but they go right through him. Axel grabs Kairi by the arm and drags her back into the portal as she screams "Let go of me! Let go!" at Axel. Pluto runs into the portal after them. Pence and Hayner get up and try to go in too, but it's too late. The portal disappears, and Axel has Kairi.

In Axel's final scene with Sora, he tells Sora he is sorry about kidnapping Kairi. He feels badly about what he did to her. He tells him that Kairi is in the dungeon, and to watch out for people in the Organization. Sora tells him that he can go with him to apologize to her face, but Axel recognizes that he's dying and just laughs it off. He is sincerely sorry for what he did, but he wanted to get in contact with Sora, so he used Kairi to do so. He understood that Sora loved Kairi as he loved Roxas, and wanted to talk to Sora about things.

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