During the original series' of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, and the recent Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Axel was never given a 'somebody' to match him the way Sora and Roxas are linked. The rule of the Organization is that they place an "x" in your name to become a Nobody. Axel without an "x" can be any of the following names:

- Ael
- Ale
- Eal
- Ela
- Lae
- Lea

Lea is released during Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep to be the "somebody" to Axel. Lea's heart gets taken in by the darkness, turning him into a Heartless. However, he continues to live on through Axel. For more in-depth information about this, feel free to check out my essay sections.

WEAPON: Two red Frisbees with black edges, each adorned with a Bomb design
QUOTE LIKE AXEL: "I'll see ya when I see ya. After all, we're friends now. Get it memorized."
"A likable, upbeat boy who tends to jump into things without consulting anybody else-sometimes with disastrous results. He seems to be hung up on other people remembering him, and taught Ventus the importance of making friends. He and his own best friend, Isa, have bigger plans. " - Square Enix

Lea is the original persona of Axel, and a close friend of Isa, Saix's original persona. He appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, as a teenager, alongside Isa. At an unknown point in time, Lea's heart was consumed by darkness, turning him into a Heartless. However, his strong heart and will gave him the ability to continue on as a Nobody: Axel. Some time later, Organization XIII found his Nobody, who received the name Axel and was inducted into their ranks as Number VIII. It is known that he joined alongside Isa, and the two had a secret, unknown plan.

1. "Wha- Isn't this the part were ya...cheer me up or somethin'? "You're just havin' a bad day," or... " That's what you get for pullin' your punches!"
2. "Sure hope you don't have friends like him."
3. "I want everybody I meet to remember me. Inside people's memories, I can live forever."
4. "You still play with toy swords? That's cute."
5. "You...had enough? 'Cause I'm willing it a draw if you are."
6. "You ready?"

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