Japanese VA - Keiji Fujiwara

BIRTHDAY: October 5, 1964
BIRTHPLACE: Tokyo Metropolitan area
Axel's Japanese voice is deep. I haven't really had that much opportunity to listen to his voice actor talk, but from the few skits I have, I think it also fits Axel's more serious role. I don't really hear the sarcastic tones from him, nor the funny jokes he tends to make. Overall, the voice is acceptable, and does a fine job portraying Axel's personality.
- Shuichi Aizawa from Death Note
- Commander Volcott O. Huey from Galaxy Angel
- Raiga Kurosuki from Naruto
- Mikio Nagaoka from Rurouni Kenshin
- Irvine from Zoids: Chaotic Century

English VA - Quinton Flynn

BIRTHDAY: October 10, 1964
BIRTHPLACE: Cleveland, Ohio
I am in love with Quinton Flynn's voice for Axel in Kingdom Hearts II. I feel like his voice fits Axel's role perfectly. It's deep, yet charming, and a tiny bit sexy if I do say so myself. Overall, all of the lines make me grin, smile, or feel sad. Basically, whatever the character is suppose to be making us feel, I feel. Flynn did a wonderful job portraying Axel, and I am very pleased that he was the one picked. He is also a very fun and respectful man in real life, and is extremely funny.
- Reno from Final Fantasy VII
- Lightning from Teen Titans
- Iruka Umino from Naruto
- Kon from Bleach
- Carl Fei-Ong from Blood+

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