NAME: Assassin
LOCATION: Twilight Town(Level BL 3 and BL 47), The World That Never Was (Level BL 50)
WEAKNESS: Physical, Fire, Blizzard, Lightning, Darkness, Non-Elemental (all 100%)

REACTION COMMAND: Fail-Safe (Only with Sora)
- strength: 200%
- timing: When Sora is within a short range of the Assassin when it executes it's explosive self-destruct attack.
- reaction: Sora grabs the enemy and sends it hurtling towards the ground before it explodes. When it hits the ground, damage hits surrounding enemies causing even more damage. Any other Assassins remaining will emerge from below ground, allowing you to attack them

- Twilight Gem: 12% chance
- Serenity Gem: 4% chance

- MP: Big - 3 MP with a quantity of 6 of them.

"An assassin. A high-ranking Nobody. It hides in the ground and attacks quietly from behind.
It cannot be attacked while it is in the ground. Parry its attacks to get it to surface.
When it starts running around, look out! It'll begin to unleash powerful attacks. Don't miss any chances to use the reaction commands to defeat as many as possible at once!" - Square Enix

A great Strategy to kill the Assassin nobodies is to stay fairly close. Assassins are nearly always below ground, where they are invincible to lock on to, so you need to wait for them to emerge. Once it does emerge, execute some Keyblade attacks while making sure not to get hit by it's prehensile "arms" that are covered in spikes. Stay close so you can deploy the "Fail-Safe" reaction command, just don't allow yourself to get hit by the explosion -- It will cause major damage to your HP!

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