The character that most resembles Axel from Kingdom Hearts would have to be Reno from Final Fantasy VII. For starters, Axel shares the same voice actor as Reno, giving them both the same tones which makes them seem even more similar. The voice actor chosen in an animation type role is very important because the voice portrays the character. Seeing as how they have the same voice actor, their characters become more similar. Tetsuya Nomura stated that he plays both characters intentionally because they wanted to conduct an experiment. He wanted to place a familiar character in a "new environment and role." He also stated in an interview that the two are "different people, but subconsciously alike." They are both very similar when it comes to appearance, as well, due to their hair styles and colors. They both even have the same type of eye brows and facial structures. I haven't seen much of Final Fantasy VII, but the parts where Reno was present that I have seen, they both have very similar personalities with a few minor differences (simply because it IS a different character in a different game). Reno is very well known for being Axel's look-a-like on the internet.

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