What is the first thing that you probably notice about Axel when you see him? Hmmmm... Well, for me it's definitely his FLAMING RED HAIR!! It shoots up in many different spikes, and goes out in many different directions. If you look closely you can also see that he has a widows-peak! From the back we can see that Axel's hair goes down to the back of his neck, making his hair a decent length. Axel's face is very handsome and defined, but he has very tiny eyebrows. The second most noticeable trait has to be his amazing emerald green eyes that are emphasized with purple-reverse-tear drop's shooting out from under his eyes. Axel is usually found with a big grin across his face, with perfect teeth. Like the rest of the Organization members, Axel wears the basic black gloves and black boots. His black coat, however, is a little bit different then the rest of the members because of how tight it is around his arms. Also, the silver zipper that isn't zipped near the bottom of Axel's cloak is also easily distinguishable from the other characters. The cloak leaves a V shape around his neck with silver-ish (perhaps metal) zippers coming out from the top. The black hood is often used in the beginning when we haven't met the character of Organization XIII yet, or if Axel is sneaking around. He has a very slim and slender body type. Axel is also pretty tall compared to other organization members, but he is definitely not the tallest.

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