In the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Axel doesn't really pay any attention to the new Organization member, which is Xion. He forgets her name, and has to have Saix remind him of who she is; Even Roxas gets it down before he does. Once Axel leaves to go on a secret missoin, Xion and Roxas start to spend more and more time together. They become friends, and Roxas promises her that she can eat ice cream with Axel and them when he comes back. Once Axel returns, Roxas tells Axel that he's been talking to Xion. Axel seems surprised, but goes along with it and agrees to let Xion join their gatherings after the missions end. Xion goes missing and Roxas starts to freak out. Axel tells him since the two of them are friends, he will go talk to Saix and figure out where she was last sent to for her mission. Axel and Roxas go to Twilight Town to search for her. They figure out where she is, quickly running to defeat the heartless that she was suppose to fight. Once they defeat it, Xion is passed out on the ground. When she finally wakes up, Axel tells her she can tell them all about her journey when they go to their spot. Axel hands them both ice cream, and they ask Xion if she's okay. She doesn't talk very much, so Axel tells her that they are there for her if she wants "to get it off" her chest. Xion tells them both that she is unable to use the Keyblade anymore. Axel figures out a plan to keep Xion safe from being useless. He tells Roxas and Xion to team up and work together on missions so that she can practice and try to control the Keyblade again. Xion seems surprised, and at first a bit uncertain because she doesn't want to be a burden to anyone. Axel comforts her and tells her that "friends have gotta be able to lean on each other now and then," and it's okay that she needs help from Roxas. Xion asks Axel if they can be friends, and Axel replies, "was there ever any doubt? Any friend of Roxas's is a friend of mine." Xion gets extremely happy and thanks them both for their kindness.

Axel tells Xion and Roxas every morning to be careful and work together nicely. After each mission, the three of them would meet up at the usual spot on top of the clock tower to talk about their missions and how their days have been going. Xion tells Axel that the plan has been working good so far, and tells him and Roxas that they are the best. Xion and Roxas tell Axel how they learned about the Genie and Aladin being "inseparable" even though they haven't seen each other in awhile. Axel explains to them that people can be inseparable even while apart because they are extremely close to each other, "if you're best friends." The next day they all meet up again, and Axel tells them that they are fighting to collect hearts so that they can have a chance to see what it's like to have a heart. Xion doesn't say much, and seems a bit distant in the conversation. The next day, Xion tells Axel and Roxas she doesn't know how much longer they can fool the Organization. Axel tells her that she's right, because they aren't stupid, and that she needs to quickly figure out her skills again. Xion tells them she's going to "keep her fingers crossed" that they don't figure it out quite yet. Axel tells them that Nobodies are unique due to their past. Roxas and Xion both realize that they don't remember anything from their past. Axel tells them not to worry because it's not fun to have baggage. The next morning, Saix tells them they can't go on a mission together any longer. Axel fights with Saix to let them do it, at least one more day. Saix agrees that one more day is okay, but after that, alone missions. After Xion and Roxas come back from work, Xion shows Axel that she can use the Keyblade again. Xion smiles and says, "I'd like to dedicate this Keyblade summoning to my good friends Roxas and Axel." Axel grins and tells her he didn't do anything. Xion insists to Axel that he did because he always spoke up for them and protected them from Saix and the rest of the Organization. Xion keeps thanking Axel, and he just tells her to make it up for him by buying him an ice cream. Xion runs off to buy Axel one, and returns with one for him. Roxas says he hopes that they can watch the sunset and eat ice cream together every day. Axel says even if they aren't together, they will always have each other because they can always remember their memories. Roxas and Xion tell him he's ridiculous and he says, "what? I thought it was pretty deep." Axel scratches his head while Xion and Roxas laugh at him. They were all best friends.

The next day, Roxas and Axel ask Xion if everything is still going alright with the use of her Keyblade. She says yes, and that she owes it all to Axel. Axel gets bright red, and tells Xion to just eat her ice cream. Roxas calls Axel out on getting bright red from Xion complimenting him so much, which makes Axel tell Roxas to shut up. Xion laughs at them. A few days later, Saix barges into Axel's room and tells him to tell him everything he knows about what Xion's been up to. Axel refuses to tell, and says he's not going to "rat out" his friends. Axel and Xion are the only ones on the clock tower for awhile. Xion tells Axel when they were talking about their pasts awhile ago, she got the strangest feelings that she used to watch the sun set with somebody else, and every time she's by the sea, she feels that way too. She tells him when she looks at water, or hears the waves, she can almost hear another voice talking to her. Axel asks her if she is remembering a memory, and she tells him that she doesn't know, but she doesn't think it's quite like that. The day of their vacation, Axel, Xion, and Roxas all meet together at the clock tower. They all joke around about how Axel went to sleep on his vacation. Xion tells him that he's out of shape in a teasing manor, and he just tells them that he's just not lazy and works himself pretty hard on missions. Axel tells Xion and Roxas that he will be gone for awhile again, but he can't tell them about it because it's a secret. Xion protests, saying she thought they were all great friends. Axel tells them not to "bungle everything" while he's gone. Xion asks him, "Now, why would we do that?" and Axel swiftly replies, "Well, considering your track record..." Xion laughs and says, "Hey! Don't make me come over there!" They all laugh together. Axel leaves for his mission.

For awhile, Xion doesn't show up to the clock tower once Axel comes back. Roxas continues to ask Axel questions and for advice about Xion and what he should do. Axel tells Roxas that she will come back when she's ready, and to not push any buttons because females are very confusing. Roxas hears news about Xion from Saix, calling Xion "broken." Axel can see how much Roxas is hurting, and promises to go talk to Saix about it and find out some information. Saix tells Axel that there is no need for her anymore, and that she is nothing. Axel decides not to tell Roxas the truth, so he lies about it. Once Xion is awake again, Saix doesn't put her on missions because he doesn't think she can really handle it. She asks if she can go, and Axel tells Saix that he will watch out for her and take care of her, which makes Saix say she can go. Axel tells Xion not to push it, because they can pick up the slack. Xion ends up passing out because she tried to push it too soon. Axel holds onto Xion and tells Roxas to finish the battle. Once it's over, they RTC, and Saix isn't surprised to see that "it" failed the mission. Axel walks past him and tells him to keep his "mouth shut" because Xion is not an "it." Roxas asks Axel if he's worried about Xion, and he says of course he is. He tells Roxas that he meets up with him and Xion every day, and goes out of his way to do it, just so he can see them both and have ice cream with them. He tells Roxas he does it because they are all best friends, and says "the three of us... we're inseparable." Xion over hears it, and tells Axel that he is "sweet" to her. Axel tells her not to scare them anymore by passing out on them.

As days go by, Axel seems a bit strange when it comes to Xion. When he walks to the usual spot at the clock tower, he sees her and says "Oh, Xion, what are you doing here?" randomly, out of the blue. Xion gets a bit insulted and asks Axel if he'd like her to leave. He tells her he didn't mean it like that at all. Xion starts asking Axel questions about Castle Oblivion and what it's like. She seems a bit too curious, and Axel can sense everything thats going on in her head. She stands up and tells them she has to go. Axel quickly interupts and tells them he's got a great idea, to go to the beach the next time they all have a vacation. Xion seems a bit awkward and tells them she will join them if she can make it. Axel tells her that she will have a blast, and will be there. Xion still seems hesitant and says she's in.

Axel gets sent to Castle Oblivion, and sees Xion there randomly. She asks him why he's there, and he tells her it's just orders, and nothing to do with her. He wonders what she thought she'd find in an "empty place like this." Xion gets angry and tells Axel not to lie to her, and that she knows she was born in Castle Oblivion, and all the answers she needs are going to be here. Axel ignores what she says and asks her why she isn't fulfilling her duties that she was given. She just rebuttals with, "Or else what? They'll turn me into a Dusk?" He tells her that they will skip that part and just destroy her completely. She asks him if they will do that because she is useless, and he tells her that's not true, and that he never said that about her. She stands up and tells Axel she's remembering things about who she was, and she can't go home. Axel tells her that nothing good will come from her trying to remember. She tells him that she dreams every night, and Axel is always in them. He tells her that they aren't memories because he was never in her past. She gets angry and tells him that he can't fool her, that she knows they've met at the castle before. Axel continues to deny it and tells her to go home and be with Roxas. She begs him to help her find out who she really is. Xion runs into a golden door, as Axel screams for her to stay out of that room.

Roxas and Axel find Xion later on with Riku, and Axel asks Xion what she wants to do. Xion tells Axel that she wants "to be with you two" referring to him and Roxas. Roxas begs her to come back with them, but she insists that she can't. Time goes by and they continue to look for her again. They see Xion with a black cloak wearing man, being an impostor of the Organization. Roxas accidentally tells what he see to Saix, who then gives Axel orders to destroy Xion. Axel finds Xion, and Xion attacks him. She trikes at Axel who summons his chakrams in a swirl of fire. Roxas stands helpless as the two exchange blows. Xion blocks an attack and the chakrams fly back to Axel. Xion runs at him again and attacks more. Roxas screams for her to stop, so she hesitates. She looks right at Roxas as she gets smacked from behind which knocks her unconscious. Axel grabs her as her Keyblade falls to the ground. Axels leaves with Xion over his shoulders. He assures to Roxas that she is safe, but Roxas looses all trust in Axel. Xion wakes up, and Roxas and her talk. She asks Roxas where Xion is, and Roxas tells her that he is angry at him for attacking her, calling him a jerk. Xion tells Roxas not to bed mad because if Axel didn't attack her, she wouldn't be with him right now. Xion tells Roxas that Axel is his best friend, which Roxas tells her that so is she. She tells him, "It's just not the same without all three of us..." Later on, Xion spots Axel and calls him over. She warns him that something is wrong with Roxas and that he is getting warn out every time he uses the keyblade. Axel tells her that she knows Roxas more then he does, and she asks him why he would say that. Axel tells her to think about what's doing it to him, and she'll know. She tells him she isn't sure, and he responds with saying, "Oh, you're not sure? What, did they forget to build you with common sense?" Xion gasps, and Axel tells her not to look so shocked and that he knows she already knows she's a Replica. He tells her that if Roxas gets weaker, she gets stronger, or vice versa. She asks him for advice. He tells her it's not his decision to make because she isn't a puppet in his book, but his best friend, and will always be his and Roxas' best friend. She tells him she saw a boy who looks just like Roxas, and asks if it is who she thinks it is.

Later on, Axel stops Roxas and Xion from fighting each other in a set up battle. They all go to their spot again like old times, and comment on how it's been a long time since they've all seen each other. Axel tells them that they've been through a lot of drama. They look at the sunset together, and Xion says, "Heh heh heh... Wow. The sun sure is beautiful. I know we've seen a lot of sunsets, but today's puts them all to shame. If only things stayed like this." Roxas puts in the idea that they should all run away together. Axel begins to say his cheesy line of "Well, even if things change, we'll never be apart--" but Xion finishes it for him, saying "As long as we remember each other...right? Don't worry, Axel--we got your hokey speech memorized." Axel smiles and is glad that they remember. Xion says she hopes that she always remembers their times together, and Roxas agrees. Xion, Xigbar, and Axel all go on a mission together. Xion attacks Xigbar, and Axel tells her to chill out. She apologies to him, but she says she needs to leave. She takes off her hood, and Axel gasps. She tells Axel to take care of Roxas, and to let her go. Xion begs him to. He thinks for a moment, and then nods towarsd the corridor. She thanks him, and runs away. Axel looks at Xigbar lying on the ground and sighs to himself.

Axel searches for Xion, and finds her at the Old Mansion. Axel asks why he's always stuck doing the icky jobs to himself. He looks up and sees Xion. Xion looks right back at him and says his name and looks so sad. Axel looks at her and says, "Xion... what are you gonna do?" She tells him she figured it all out, and that she needs to go back to where she belongs. Axel tells her that he's always felt that was best, right from the very beginning. He tells her it really bugs him though, and something about this "just stinks." Axel clenches his fist in anger. Xion tells him that "it's for the good of everyone." Axel asks her how she knows, and that everybody thinks they are right but they are never sure. Xion tells him she knows this is right. Axel screams to her that they will destroy her for doing this. She summons her Keyblade ask Axel gasps. She tells him not to hold back. Axel asks her what her problem is, and that her and Roxas both think they can do whatever they want. He tells her he is sick of it, and he says. "Go on, you just keep running. But I'll always be there to bring you back!" He summons his chakrams, and they fight a heavy battle. Axel carries her back to the castle on his last legs. He says, "Man... why you always gotta... cause me... trouble..." He struggles to walk and falls on his knees, dropping Xion. They both lay unconscious at Nothing's Call. Xemnas arrives and picks up Xion as one would hold a cloth puppet.

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