As the story begins, Axel is always drawn to Roxas. Day 7, the date the game first begins with, Axel goes up to Roxas and asks him "Something I can help you with, chatterbox," teasing him from the start. Roxas is very unresponsive in the beginning of the game, and is "zombie" like, according to Axel. The next day, Saix instructs Axel to take Roxas out on his first mission. Axel doesn't seem too interested in the idea, commenting on how Saix is making him become a mentor, or a babysitter to Roxas. He mentions that Roxas is "zombie-like," and has no emotions with anyone. Before they are about to go on their mission, Axel notices that Roxas seems a little bit distressed. He asks him if he is upset about the "new kid" to the organization member. Roxas says, "Xion." Axel seems impressed, and asks Roxas if he knows what his name is. Roxas replies with "It's Axel." Axel decides to question him one more time by asking, "And our boss's name," which Roxas replies, "Xemnas." Axel smiles and is very impressed that he remembers. They go off on their mission where Axel explains to Roxas what his duties are in a mission, and how he can gain things by going over-board. He explains to him that once the mission is completed to its fullest potential, to RTC(return to castle) and get some rest. Axel asks him how he felt his first mission went, and Roxas responded smartly, "I could have done that blindfolded." Axel cracks a smile and tells him to quit acting like such a "smart aleck." He says that "no successful mission is complete without a little icing on the cake." Axel and Roxas sit on top of a clock tower in Twilight Town, where Axel hands Roxas a sea-salt ice cream bar. He asks Roxas how long it's been since he joined the organization, but Roxas did't remember. He told him not to worry because "today's where it all really begins anyway." Roxas seemed surprised, and asks him if that's really true. Axel tells him "Today, you're one of us."

Day 14, Roxas and Axel go on another mission together. Axel tries to make conversation, but Roxas still seems a little bit zoned out and unresponsive. Once the mission is over, Axel asks Roxas if he has any plans. Roxas just states that he was going to go sit in his room. Random children that live in the town ran by, making ha ha noises. Roxas didn't understand what that meant and thought it was very strange. Axel tells him that "people with hearts" do a thing called laughter. Axel tells him to stop worrying about it, and that they should go get some ice cream together. Roxas responds with, "why?" which startles Axel. He says, "whaddaya mean, why? Because we're friends." Roxas thinks for a moment and says, "so... friends are people who have ice cream together?" Axel laughs and tells him not exactly, but he will show him how it works while they eat ice cream together. Axel tells Roxas they should continue to meet up after their missions to eat ice cream together, because no one wants to spend their days bouncing between work and the castle. Roxas laughs and then says, "Hey, I laughed... I guess we really are friends."

Axel and Roxas continue to meet up after work for ice cream after every mission that they go on. On day 22, they defeat a tough Guardian together. After the mission, they go get ice cream together like usually, and sit on the clock tower. Axel tells Roxas that he's going to miss "this ice cream thing" they do. Roxas, puzzled, asks him why he feels that way. Axel tells him he is leaving the next day, and since Roxas is his "buddy," he can officially fill him in. He tells Roxas he is going to Castle Oblivion for awhile, which is the Organizations' second castle. Axel stands up and tells him he has to head back to get ready. Roxas finishes his ice cream, and notices that the stick said, "WINNER" on it. He made note that he had to ask Axel the next day before he leaves what it means.

Roxas runs out of his room the next morning, only to find out he was too late because Axel had already left for his secret mission. Roxas feels the emotion of sadness here because he wanted to ask his friend, who he felt knew everything, about the popsicle-stick. As the days went by, Roxas began to really worry about the whereabouts of Axel and the other Organization members. Roxas over-heard some of the organization members talking about how all the members on that mission were "terminated." Roxas went into shock, and ran over to Saix to ask him about it. Saix refused to tell him any information, but Roxas was persistent and asked him "But what about Axel?" Saix said he didn't know what happened to Axel, which ended up disgusting Roxas.

Day 71 came around, and Roxas was still worrying about Axel's wellbeing. After his mission to Twilight Town, he hears someone yell "Hey, Roxas!" from behind him. He turns around and sees Axel. His eyes widen, and Axel walks closer to him. Axel stares back and says, "What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost." Roxas shook his head and said how he heard that the whole team was annihilated at Castle Oblivion. Axel told him that the weaklings were, but not him. Roxas insists that he was extremely worried about Axel. Axel smirks and tells him that it's a "neat trick" that he's worried because he doesn't actually have a heart. Roxas runs off to get them ice cream. Axel and Roxas sit together like old times on the clock tower, where Axel comments on how he never RTC'd because he wanted to sort out his feelings. Roxas makes a joke and calls him a "mister I-don't-have-a-heart." They both laugh like old times. Roxas tells Axel that he started inviting Xion up to hang out with them, and how he wants Xion to join their friend group.

They end up going on another mission together the next day. They continue to joke around and Axel calls him a "slap-on-the-wrist" because he just "loathes babysitting" him. Afterwards, Axel comments on how Roxas has gotten a lot more out-going since they first started talking. Roxas says that Axel is too, and Axel insists that Roxas had just rubbed off on him. Roxas still isn't the brightest and doesn't get it. Axel responds with, "Heh. Let's just say you can thank yourself that we get to sit here again and laugh like idiots over ice cream." They both laugh again together.

Xion, Roxas' friend, goes missing, and Roxas asks Axel for help to find her. They get paired up again, and Axel promises to help find Xion. They go to the place where Xion was last seen to find out some information from the locals there on a mysterious swooshing noises coming from the trees. They go to it and find out it's a lizard that can make itself disappear. Xion comes out of nowhere, and gets attacked. Axel and Roxas defeat the monster, and Xion wakes up. They all go to the clock tower together to hear the story about what had happened to her. Axel hands Xion an ice cream, and they all talk. Axel gives them advice to team up together because Xion lost her ability to wield the keyblade. This is when the trio all decided to become good friends. The next day, Saix tells them to split up, but Axel interferes and tells Saix that it's a good idea for them to pair up for awhile. Roxas tells Axel later on at the clock tower what he learned about best friends, and feeling close to each other. Roxas asks him, "what's it like having a best friend, Axel?" Axel tells him he didn't know because he doesn't have one.

Axel, Roxas, and Xion continue to get ice cream together after every mission. One day, Roxas tells him that he "wants these days to last forever. Hanging out, the ice cream, the sunsets..." Axel tells him that nothing can last forever, but they will always have each other, even if things change. This is because they will always remember each other, and will always be together in their minds. Axel tells them that he will be gone for a little while again on another secret mission. He leaves.

Axel comes back and meets Roxas at the usual spot for ice cream. However, oddly enough, Xion didn't show up that day, and continues to not show up for days after. Axel and Roxas have ice cream together, and Roxas asks him if he has anything "he couldn't bear to lose." Roxas tells Axel that he couldn't bear to lose his memories of Axel or Xion, and how it scares him to think he could end up losing them.

Roxas asks Axel for advice about Xion. Axel tells him that females are complicated, and to not take it personal. He tells him "not to push the wrong buttons with girls." Roxas doesn't really understand what that means, but Axel reassures him to give it time, because "if you rush in too quickly, [you] will just push more buttons." Axel smiles and tells Roxas he's an "alright kid." Roxas tells Axel to not call him "kid" anymore, making Axel laugh, reassuring Roxas he will patch things up soon.

Time goes by, and Axel sees Roxas all by himself at the clock tower. He tells Roxas that they've been keeping him and Xion really busy. Roxas has a sad face, and Axel asks, "C'mon, what's with the face?" Roxas tells him there is no face; Axel doesn't have a response. Roxas asks Axel what "love is." Axel is really shocked and asks him why he wants to know. Roxas tells him he learned it on a mission, and that it's something very powerful. He tells Roxas that he will never be able to experience it because Nobodies can't love, and you need a heart. Axel tells him that love is "what happens if there's something really special between two people." Roxas asks if best friends are in love, and Axel said you can care about friends, but it's not the same way. Roxas asks if he had a heart, would he love someone. Axel tells him once Kingdom Hearts is complete, he will be able to feel everything.

Axel promises Roxas that he will ask Saix about Xion and what exactly they are going to do with her. Axel finds out bad things, but he decides to lie to Roxas, saying he couldn't find any information. Although Axel feels really bad about lying to Roxas, he decides he can't bring himself to hurt his feelings. Xion finally wakes up, and the three go on a mission. She passes out quickly from over-working herself, so they bring her back. Axel and Roxas talk about her, and Axel tells Roxas that he is worried. He tells Roxas that he wonders why he meets up with them both every day of ice cream, and how he goes out of his way to see them and protect them. He tells him he does it because they are his best friends. Axel tells Roxas, "The three of us... we're inseparable." Axel and Roxas go to Wonderland together, and Roxas starts to fly. He tells Axel to try, but it doesn't work. Roxas tells Axel to believe in him, and try again. Axel says, "Okay... I believe you." Axel closes his eyes and lifts into the air. They are both super excited, and have fun in the air together. Axel, Roxas, and Xion all meet up later that day. Axel states boldly that the next time they have a vacation, they all need to go to the beach together and relax, just the three of them.

On day 255, Roxas and Axel sit down at the usual spot together and eat ice cream. Axel is impressed that Roxas remembers that it's been 255 days since he joined the organization. Roxas tells him that he has to have something to hang onto because he doesn't have memories from before the Organization. Axel puts his hand on Roxas's shoulder, teasing him by saying "Right, that first week you could barely form a sentence. But come on, you're still kind of a zombie." They both break out into laughter. Axel tells him why the sunset sets red. Roxas elbows him and says, "Like I asked! Know-it-all." They laugh again. Roxas starts to think about Xion. Axel is about to tell him what happened to her, but decides not to. He tells Roxas that she's on a really important mission.

Time goes by, and Axel starts to feel weird about Roxas. Axel and Xion show up less and less to the usual spot, which makes Roxas get upset. One day, Roxas shows up and Axel is sitting at the clock tower waiting for him. He is in shock, and teases him about it. He tells Axel how he saw Xion today on his mission, but he wasn't sure if it was actually her or what his mind wanted to see. Axel stands up and asks if he wants to go look for her. Roxas protests, "What about our orders?" Axel shakes his head and says who cares about the orders; let's go in our spare time. Roxas stands up and gets excited and says "Yeah, it's a deal!"

Axel and Roxas go to Castle Oblivion, but as soon as they enter the doors, Roxas falls to the ground and passes out. Axel gets Roxas out of there, where Roxas wakes up on a side street in Twilight Town. Later, Axel gets orders to destroy Xion. Roxas begs him not to go through with it, and Axel says he will think of a sneaky plan to get around it. Roxas and Axel find Xion, and Xion attacks Axel. Axel swings back at her, and knocks her out. He brings her back to the castle. Roxas goes in shock, and asks Axel why he would do that to Xion. Axel asks him, "Do what?" which Roxas gets angry, telling him he shouldn't have used force because they're "suppose to be best friends." Roxas stops trusting Axel after he did this.

Roxas starts getting weaker and weaker. Axel asks him if he could stop doing missions for a couple of days to relax, but Saix tells Roxas that it's mandatory and that he has to go on the mission he's assigned. Roxas is fighting a really tough opponent, when all of a sudden a flash of flames fly in-between. We see Axel blocking Roxas' and Xion's attacks. Axel screams for them both to stop, and Roxas and Xion realize that they were fighting each other. Axel tells them the mission was a set up. They all go get ice cream. Roxas comments about how it's been a long time since they've all met up for ice cream. Axel comments on how they've all been in a lot of drama, and to make sure they check their ice cream sticks for the word WINNER on it. Roxas lights up and then decides not to say anything. Roxas states that they should all run away together, just the three of them so they could be happy and friends forever. Axel comments and says, "even if things change, we'll never be apart-" Xion finishes his statement and tells him that she will never forget. Roxas agrees by saying, "Me too. Forever..."

Axel spots Xion fleeing, and she begs him to let her escape. He lets her, and RTC's. Saix yells at Axel for letting her go. Roxas runs up to Axel and asks what happened, and he responds with "Look, nothing." Roxas gets pissed, and asks how it's nothing. Axel decides to finally tell Roxas the truth about how Xion is a mirror that reflects him. Roxas doesn't understand. Axel tells him, "it's only a matter of time before someone had to break the mirror," which upsets Roxas. He screams, "you mean, destroy her?" Axel doesn't respond. Axel looks at him and tells him that if someone doesn't destroy her, he will never be him anymore. Roxas protests saying, "I'll always be me! Your best friend-- just like Xion!" Axel tells him he doesn't understand, and Roxas tells him to forget it and leaves. Axel yells after him to come back as he runs away. Axel says to himself, "Why can't you understand..." Later on, Roxas runs up to Axel and tells him that Xion is no longer safe and that they need to protect her. Axel asks him if he got all of his strength back, but Roxas says not all of the way. Roxas asks him if he knew this whole time about Xion, but never told him. Axel remains silent, and doesn't say anything to Roxas.

Roxas leaves the Castle and walks through the streets of the Dark City, passing Axel. Axel looks at him and says, "Your mind's made up?" Roxas stops and tells him that he needs to know why the keyblade chose him, and where he came from. Axel yells to him, telling him not to turn on the Organization, and if he does, they will destroy him. Roxas tells Axel "No one would miss me." As he walks away, Axel says, "That's not true... I would."

The story continues with the start of Kingdom Hearts II.

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