The following are all of the lines that Axel says during the scripts and cut scenes of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. If you have not yet played the game, these may be spoilers. Please be aware.


Axel: Roxas...are you really sure that you don't have a heart?
Axel: True enough.
Axel: Man, I miss the old times. Still got it memorized? The day we met, when you got your new name, you and I sat right here, just like this and watched the sunset.

DAY 255

Axel: You're early.
Axel: So, you got the number memorized, do ya?
Axel: Right, that first week you could barely form a sentence. But come on, you're still kind of a zombie.
Axel: Hey, Roxas. Bet you don't know why the sun sets red. You see, light is made up of lots of colors. And out of all those colors, red is the one that travels the farthest.


Axel: Heya, Roxas.
Axel: Something I can help you with there, chatterbox?
Axel: Ah, I remember now. We were supposed to convene in the Round Room today. Blegh, meetings...
Axel: Yup. Apparently the boss man's got some big news. Wanna head over there now?
Axel: Alrighty then. Follow me.


Axel: Oh boy... What, are you making me the kid's mentor now?
Axel: Well, you heard the man. Starting today, I'm your babysitter.
Axel: Sheesh... Quit acting like a zombie, and let's get this show on the road. Just talk to Saix over there when you're set to go.
Axel (smirking): Don't worry. I'll be sure he makes the grade. C'mon, Roxas.
Axel: Hey, what's wrong? You worried about the new kid? What was that name again...
Axel: Right. I knew that.
Axel: Got it memorized, Roxas?
Axel: You sure? How 'bout my name, then?
Axel: And our boss's name?
Axel: Very good, Roxas! No way you're gonna forget his name, right? Now, let's get moving.
Axel: All right, let's start by talking about what we do on missions. Ahem. Missions are...uhh... They're, you know... Hrm.
Axel: You know what? Talking is dumb. Let's just go ahead and get our hands dirty, shall we? Follow me.
Axel: There ya go. Good job.
Axel: But don't go thinking you can just run and jump your way through every mission. You've gotta BE AWARE.
Axel: You hafta look around. Sometimes what you're after is sitting right under your nose. Got it memorized?
Axel: All right, then, time for a road test. There's a treasure chest somewhere in these passages. I want you to find it.
Axel: I know, don't hurt yourself. Anyway, remember to look around.
Axel: A barricade. It means you're not supposed to go this way.
Axel: Yeah, that's the gist of it. They're set up to keep us on task. That, or out of trouble. I mean, hello, look at it. Big, menacing X? I'll take the beaten path, thanks.
Axel: Sure is! Well done.
Axel: Um, what are you waiting for?
Axel: Uh, Roxas... There's this thing about chests. They have stuff in them.
Axel: Yes, that is generally what we do.
Axel: Good work! You can keep what you found. All right, time to RTC.
Axel: Return To the Castle. Go ahead, lead the way back to the dark corridor that brought us here.
Axel: Bravo. So whaddya think? Got the hang of this mission business?
Axel: I'm sorry, speak up? Cooouldn't quite catch that.
Axel: Hmm?
Axel: Ha ha! I dunno if I want a blindfolded zombie on the loose. All right, smart aleck, you did good. And no successful mission is complete without a little icing on the cake. C'mon.
Axel: Later. Don't you remember our hangout?
Axel: Here ya go. The icing on the cake.
Axel: You remember what this ice cream is called?
Axel: It's sea-salt ice cream. C'mon, I already told you once. Get it memorized, man.
Axel: Ha ha. Roxas, you said the same exact thing the other day.
Axel: Hey, what has it been, a week since you showed up?
Axel: "Maybe"? C'mon, you must remember that much.
Axel: Well, that's okay. Today's where it all really begins anyway.
Axel: Sure! Here you are, out in the field, working for the Organization... Today, you're one of us.

DAY 14

Axel: Hey, Roxas. It's you and me again today.
Axel: Check in with Saix when-- Well, you know the drill. I don't know what they've cooked up for us, but let's get it done with style, huh?
Axel: Oh, by the way, Roxas, today will be your first really-real mission. That means you should definitely prep your weapon beforehand. Oh, and if you want to practice what you've learned so far, we've got the Holo-Missions all set up for you.
Axel: Yup. Basically, they're a way to re-experience missions you've already been assigned.
Axel: Don't forget to prep your weapon.
Axel: Our second mission together.
Axel: Sheesh, don't talk my ear off. ...You ready or what?
Axel: So, got any plans?
Axel: Go to your room!? Oh, Roxas, Roxas...
Axel: Hmm... Must be some kids who live here.
Axel: Yeah? How do you figure?
Axel: You mean laughter? Sometimes people with hearts do that even when it doesn't make any sense.
Axel: C'mon, let's get some ice cream.
Axel: Whaddaya mean, why? Because we're friends.
Axel: Sort of... That, or laugh at stupid stuff that doesn't make any sense. Like those kids we just saw--they were friends. C'mon, I'll show you how it works.
Axel: Hey, Roxas. Let's meet up for ice cream again after your next mission. I mean, who wants to spend their days just bouncing between work, and the castle, right?

DAY 17 Axel: How's work? Goin' okay?
Axel: That's good.

DAY 22

Axel: Hey, Roxas. You and me and teamed up for today.
Axel: Okay, let's get this done fast. What was today's target again? A Guardian?
Axel: You are such a zombie. Want me to go have all the fun while you figure it out? C'mon.
Axel: Up this way, Roxas.
Axel: There's our target.
Axel: Here we go, Roxas! Keep your head out of the clouds!
Axel: Mission accomplished. Heh, gotta say, man, you've come a long way in just a handful of days. You ready to head back?
Axel: I'm gonna miss this ice cream thing we do.
Axel: Starting tomorrow, I'm gonna be away.
Axel: Since you're my buddy, I guess I can fill you in. I'm gonna be at Castle Oblivion for a while.
Axel: The Organization's got a second castle situated in the world between worlds. It's called Castle Oblivion. Got it memorized?
Axel: Well, I gotta head back and get ready. Fun, fun, fun... Anyway, you take your time.

DAY 23

Axel: And I take it that's straight from Lord Xemnas's lips, huh?

DAY 71

????: Hey, Roxas!
Axel: How's it hanging?
Axel: What's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost.
Axel: Correction: the weaklings were annihilated.
Axel: Worried? Well, that's a neat trick, considering you haven't got a heart to feel with.
Axel: I gotta check in with the boss, or he's gonna let me have it.
Axel: Hmm? Nah.
Axel: Guess I needed some time to sort out my feelings.
Axel: Hey, your ice cream's melting. Eat up.
Axel: Xion? Really?

DAY 72

Axel: Oh, good to see you, too. You're welcome, thanks for the kind words.
Axel: There one minute, gone the next. I don't know how she got out.
Axel: You're kidding, right? That's like counting grains of dust in a building full of sneezing people.
Axel: Come on, I would have told you that much. I gotta hand it to you... You were right. About Marluxia, the traitors... You knew exactly what was up.
Axel: Well, it's nice to know where I stand! Sheesh...
Axel: I disposed of Zexion.
Axel: That's how you wanted it, right? I'll play it your way...for now.
Axel: Hey, get this: they paired me with you today as a "slap on the wrist."
Axel: Well, they just know how much I loathe babysitting...
Axel: Would it kill them to give me a day off? Look at these bags under my eyes. Pfft. All right, c'mon, partner.
Axel: Let's get this show on the road!
Axel: Whaddaya say we make this quick?
Axel: Now who is that? And what's he up to?
Axel: Hmm...
Axel: He thinks some lamp is gonna grant his wishes?
Axel: Change of plans, Roxas! Our new mission is following Lunkhead there.
Axel: Looking into any suspicious characters you come across is an important part of the job.
Axel: No, I'd call it flexible thinking. Got it memorized? Plus, we'll still have plenty of time to collect hearts afterwards. No harm, no foul.
Axel: Good, then we're agreed. Now the key here is to keep your eyes on him, Roxas. Just make sure he doesn't lay eyes on you, follow?
Axel: Hmm, he's sharper than he looks. Be careful not to let him out of your field of vision, Roxas. And obviously you'll need to stay out of his.
Axel: Roxas, we wouldn't be investigating if we knew all the answers.
Axel: I think our friend there is about to show us. Keep tailing him. And try to be subtle about it.
Axel: I'll say. This is a nice little bonus.
Axel: This cave's bigger than it looks from the outside... Hey, I think we lost him.
Axel: Guess we'll have to give up for now. Switch back to heart collection.
Axel: Nah. I would've liked to know what he was up to, but hey. Just finding out about this cave is enough of a feather in our cap for today. Plus, searching a place this big would be a royal pain.
Axel: Like I said, flexible thinking.
Axel: Hey, let's just get this mission over and done with.
Axel: Yeah, like somebody dragged something heavy across it...
Axel: Looks like some kind of mechanism.
Axel: That takes care of that. Ready to go?
Axel: You're more outgoing now, you know that?
Axel: Me? You think? Guess he musta rubbed off on me...
Axel: Heh. Let's just say you can thank yourself that we get to sit here again and laugh like idiots over ice cream.

DAY 73

Axel: Hey, Roxas.
Axel: Xion? Hmm... Now that you mention it, no.
Axel: Wish I could help, but I took off for Castle Oblivion almost as soon as Xion joined up. There's a lot I missed.
Axel: The two of you are friends, right? Tell ya what. I'll pick Saix's brain, see what I can find out.

DAY 74

Axel: Rise and shine, sleepyhead.
Axel: I asked Saix about Xion.
Axel (shaking his head): Your friend was sent out on a mission, but never RTC'd.
Axel: I dunno. But we'll find out what happened soon enough.
Axel: You and me get to go track Xion down. That's our mission today.
Axel: No, I made it all up. Go back to bed... Yes, I mean it! Hurry up and get ready, will ya?
Axel: They think Xion's in Twilight Town somewhere. We'll go when you're ready.
Axel: Well, the mission in question was to take out a giant Heartless.
Axel: Let's start by digging up info around town. If we can find that Heartless, there's a good chance we'll find Xion, too.
Axel: Could be our Heartless.
Axel: I'm sure Xion is just fine. C'mon, let's go check it out.
Axel: No Heartless, either.
Axel: You could say that, yeah. We heard rumors of a strange moaning sound?
Axel: What? Ugh, for crying out loud...
Axel: So what's your story? Why are you down here?
Axel: Well, that was a dead end.
Axel: Time to hit the town again...
Axel: Guess we'll have to hunt around.
Axel: It's some kind of map.
Axel: "Spooky Steps"? "Friend from Beyond the Wall"? Hey, this one about a moaning tunnel...
Axel: There's more. "The Doppelganger"... "The Animated Bag"...
Axel: What's it all mean?
Axel: Yeah, actually. We had a question.
Axel: Is anything...weird happening here? You know, in the town. I mean, there are lots of little quirks and mysteries, right? Like, say...the Spooky Stairs...
Axel: Uh, yeah, something like that.
Axel: Just another sleepy town, huh?
Axel: Good luck with that.
Axel: Maybe, maybe not.
Axel: He said people have been feeling some kind of presence in the woods outside of town, right? Maybe that's Xion's target.
Axel: Heh, looks like we got a live one here.
Axel: Hurry, Roxas. Don't let it get away!
Axel: No wonder Xion had trouble. It was blending right into the scenery.
Axel: Still out trying to find it, probably.
Axel: Well, a target's a target. Doesn't matter who takes it out. I say we do it now, before it vanishes again.
Axel: Here we go!
Axel: Focus, Roxas! We have to take that thing out first!
Axel: You can tell us all about it--but first, let's find a place to sit down.
Axel: There ya go.
Axel: What's wrong? Not hungry?
Axel: We're here for you if you want to get it off your chest. Right, Roxas?
Axel: Wish there was. But...it's just like Xion said. No Keyblade, no can do.
Axel: Hey, I'm racking my brain here, and there's just no way to-- Wait.
Axel: What if you worked double duty, Roxas?
Axel: Xion, stick with Roxas until you can control the Keyblade again. Make sure your missions are with him. Then, he can collect the hearts and nobody will ever have to know that you're not doing the same.
Axel: Ah ah ah. BUT...Roxas, that also means you have to collect twice as many hearts.
Axel: Hey, friends have gotta be able to lean on each other now and then. Ain't that right, Roxas?
Axel: Well, yeah. Was there ever any doubt? Any friend of Roxas's is a friend of mine.
Axel: Eat your ice cream.

DAY 75

Axel: Why not? Seems like a good idea to me. Put two half-pints together and you get a whole.
Axel: You and her will make it work. Just keep it subtle, yeah?
Axel: Hey, mission go okay?
Axel: We try.
Axel: So where'd they end up sending you?
Axel: Oh, that city in the desert.
Axel: That's right. People need their space.
Axel: Well, I think you can be inseparable even if you're apart.
Axel: Sure, if you feel really close to each other. If you're best friends.
Axel: Couldn't tell ya. I don't have one.

DAY 76

Axel: You and Xion play nice, now!
Axel: Hey, you two. How'd work go? Think you can keep pulling off double duty?
Axel: Well, great. Keep it up.
Axel: Sure you do. We have to finish Kingdom Hearts. We finally got our first glimpse of it today, remember?
Axel: Exectly. It's because of you two and the Keyblade that we're finally making some progress. We might finally get hearts of our own.
Axel: Are you crazy?
Axel: Kind of a strange time to bring it up...
Axel: Roxas... We're fighting because we want to know what it's about.

DAY 95

Axel: Good luck with work.
Axel: Another successful day?
Axel: The place you guys hit yesterday.
Axel: That's the one. They needed me to do a little digging through the dust and cobwebs. How 'bout you?
Axel: You're really getting the hang of working together, huh?
Axel: Don't be too sure. They're not stupid.
Axel: Ouch! Roxas, that's not cool.
Axel: I don't think you give him enough credit. He works just as hard as--
Axel: Okay, no he doesn't. But I'm pretty sure he has a job.
Axel: Hey, for all you know, he's out there fighting Heartless and doing recon--just the same as you.
Axel: That's right. Everybody's unique.
Axel: Oh, I think we have other things that set us apart. Like our pasts.
Axel: That's one of the things that makes the Organization members special. Unlike lesser Nobodies, we remember who we were.
Axel: Well...maybe that right there is what makes YOU unique.
Axel: Me? Oh, I dunno. Same guy, more or less.
Axel: Trust me, you're not missing much. Who needs baggage, right?
Axel: Man, whatever. You have trouble remembering things from five seconds ago.
Axel: You two do have a lot in common.

DAY 96

Axel: Whoa, you're gonna send Roxas to Beast's Castle? I dunno... I was just there yesterday for recon, remember? I saw the Heartless you're talking about. You don't want to pit Roxas against that that. Not by himself.
Axel: I will.
Axel: Sure, I'm a big boy.
Axel: So what? I'll keep the Heartless out of trouble, then they can hit it another day.
Axel: Looks like you bought yourself another day.
Axel: Believed what?
Axel: Uh-huh, well... I'd better get over to Agrabah.
Axel: Whew...
Axel: Hey hey! What are you grinning about?
Axel: Oh, loads of fun... Would it kill the Heartless to hold still? I fell right on my butt chasing the stupid thing.
Axel: Very funny. How'd your caper go?
Axel: Pfft, me? I didn't do anything.
Axel: Ahem... How 'bout an ice cream, then?
Axel: Buy me one, and we'll call it even.
Axel: What's gotten into you?
Axel: Nothing lasts forever, man. Least of all for a bunch of Nobodies. But you know, we'll still have each other...even if things change and we can't do this anymore.
Axel: As long as we remember each other, we'll never be apart. Got it memorized?
Axel: What? I thought it was pretty deep.

DAY 99

Axel: Eat your ice cream before it melts.
Axel: Shut up.

DAY 100

Axel: Xion left already.

DAY 117

Axel: Ever hear of knocking?
Axel: How should I know? I'm not spying on her.
Axel: So what, now I've gotta rat on my friends to you? Get out of my room, man.
Axel: Yes, sir, thank you, sir. You paid me a personal visit just to tell me that?
Axel: We, or you?
Axel: You mean the chamber. We turned that place inside out. If it's there, we're not gonna find it by just looking.
Axel: Huh?
Axel: Hmph... Whatever. You're the one who wants me to go. Don't try and dress it up as a favor.
Axel: Let me guess... That chamber will tell you everything you don't know about Xemnas's true agenda. Is that the idea?
Axel: Hmm... Look, I knew Vexen and Zexion would be obstacles. That's why they're not here anymore. When have I ever complained about the dirty work?
Axel: I cleared the way to the top for you. Just do me a favor and don't trip on the way up.
Axel: Naminé...and Xion?
Axel: Hope Xigbar isn't giving him too hard a time.
Axel: Hmm?
Axel: So...you mean you remembered something?
Axel: Hey, don't ask me.
Axel: Yeah. Not that they've ever done me any good.

DAY 118

Axel: Oh, hey, Roxas. You hear about this vacation? About time we had a day off.
Axel: Is that right?
Axel: What's your-- Roxas, you're really missing the point.
Axel: Do what you like.
Axel: Me? Sleep. And one I'm done with that, roll over and sleep some more.
Axel: You kidding? I'd nap six times a day if they'd let me. All right, snooze-land is calling. Enjoy your time off!
Axel: Fancy meeting you here.
Axel: Whew, I slept like a log.
Axel: What's going on down there? Are the kids here on summer vacation? ...Nah, can't be. It's too early.
Axel: A dream come true, that's what--a whole month off.
Axel: Well, they do get a little help. Their teachers dish out plenty of homework. Trust me, it's over before you can blink.
Axel: Most kids spend summer vacation just goofing off with their friends. They save the homework till the end and then help each other finish it.
Axel: Yeah. I hadn't really thought about it much since becoming a Nobody. So how'd you spend the day?
Axel: Hey, unlike you two lazybones, I work myself pretty hard!
Axel: Tomorrow, it's back to work.
Axel: Oh, before I forget... I might not see you guys again for a little while.
Axel: They're sending me out on recon for a few days.
Axel: Can't tell.
Axel: It's classified.
Axel: Hey, I'm not about to tell you ALL my dark secrets. Got it memorized? I bet you keep a thing or two from me.
Axel: Ha ha, relax, would ya? I'm kidding. I just gotta keep my mouth shut about it, or else Saix will get on my case. You know how he gets.
Axel: Try not to bungle everything while I'm gone.
Axel: Well, considering your track record...
Axel: It's my vacation. I can take all the time I want. Since when do I have to check in with you?
Axel: Yes, sir, whatever you say.

DAY 149

Axel: Hey, Roxas!
Axel: Yup, I just got home.
Axel: How ya holding up? Where's Xion?
Axel: Hunh.

DAY 150

Axel: Didn't take 'em long to give me more work. Where's my vacation? Sheesh.
Axel: Where's Xion?
Axel: Oh well.
Axel: Huh?
Axel: What? Where'd that come from?
Axel: Because you don't have a heart.
Axel: Hmm, true, but...I don't think that's quite the same. I guess the closest thing we Nobodies have got is our past. You know, memories of the stuff we couldn't bear to lose, back when we couldn't bear to lose it.
Axel: Well, what about your present?
Axel: You've got memories from here in the Organization, right?
Axel: Well, see? There ya go. Everybody's got something they want to hang on to.
Axel: Scary? Scary's a feeling, man.
Axel: A thought, then. But not a feeling.
Axel: Maybe you just remember what it's like to feel scared, and think you're feeling it now.

DAY 151

Axel: I just saw Xion a little while ago. She was heading out, though.
Axel: Heya, Roxas!
Axel: Xion couldn't make it again today?

DAY 152

Axel: Hey! No Xion?
Axel: Did something happen yesterday?
Axel: ...Girls sure are complicated, huh?
Axel: Because you're not so complicated. But don't take it personal. Most Nobodies aren't.
Axel: Well, sure! Especially if they're real and female. That's like a double dose of complicated.
Axel: Single dose.
Axel: Well, the important thing to remember when dealing with girls is not to push the wrong buttons. Got it memorized?
Axel: Well, just give her some time.
Axel: Because if you rush in there and try to fix things, you'll just press more buttons.
Axel: Ha ha. You're all right, kid.
Axel (nodding): You'll patch things up with her. Trust me.

DAY 154

Axel: All by yourself again?
Axel: They've been keeping me busy lately. Xion, too.
Axel: C'mon, what's with the face?

DAY 171

Axel: Xion? She left, man. What, you missed her again?
Axel: Hey, here comes the hard worker.
Axel: Haven't seen her.
Axel: Somebody's gotta talk to that girl.
Axel: I guess that's fair.
Axel: What's up? Did something happen?
Axel: 'Scuse me?
Axel: That's true. It is. But I'll never get to experience it.
Axel: You need a heart, man.
Axel: Love is what happens if there's something really special between two people.
Axel: Well, you can care about your friends, I guess, but that's not what I'm talking about.
Axel: Yes... Well, no. There aren't "steps."
Axel: What does it matter? We'll never know the difference.
Axel: Once Kingdom Hearts is complete, you'll be able to do all kinds of things.

DAY 172

Axel: Saix told me what happened this morning.
Axel: Listen to you. How come you do that? Talk like you're a real person.
Axel: I mean, sometimes you sound like you really are heartsick or something.
Axel: She will.
Axel: Hmm... Well, if it cheers you up, I'm probably a lot more broken than her.
Axel: Well... If it's gonna keep you up at night, I could ask him for you.
Axel: Yes, really! Sheesh, sit down. I'll ask, but don't get your hopes up. Straight answers aren't exactly his specialty.
Axel: True.
Axel: ...Hey, that was uncalled for!
Axel: And I told you I can't. I have to know what Xion's deal is. Why can't you be straight with me for once?
Axel: Okay, you've got me there.
Axel: Why not?

DAY 173

Axel: Hey, Roxas.
Axel: I talked to Saix.
Axel: His...his lips were sealed. Sorry, man, I tried.
Axel: But he did say he would take back calling her broken--IF she proves herself more capable going forward. The best thing you can do for her now is keep up the good work.
Axel: Ugh, sorry, Roxas...
Axel: Let's take care of business so we can get to the fun stuff.
Axel: All done with work?
Axel: Flew?
Axel: I can imagine.
Axel: Right...

DAY 193

Axel: Oh, hey, Xion! About time you crawled out of bed.
Axel: I'll look after her. I promise not to let her out of my sight.
Axel: Let's go, huh? Before Saix changes his mind!
Axel: Just remember it's still a mission. We're not on a field trip, guys.
Axel: Just don't push it, you hear me? We'll pick up the slack.
Axel: I've got Xion. You take out the target!
Axel: It's okay. She's not hurt.
Axel: Let's just RTC, all right?
Axel (to Saix): Keep your mouth shut.
Axel: Of course I am.
Axel: What do you mean?
Axel (thinking): Roxas... I meet up with you two every day for ice cream, right? Why do I do that?
Axel: I mean, you think about it, I don't need to go out of my way, right?
Axel: You wanna know why I do? Because you're my best friends. The three of us...we're inseparable.
Axel: That's right--get it memorized. And you know what? Best friends are willing to deal with complications.
Axel: Try not to scare us like that anymore, huh?
Axel: And you take it easy today.
Axel: I vote we keep our missions short and sweet.

DAY 195

Axel: Since what?
Axel: Has it been that long? Time sure flies. Speaking of which... Isn't this the place?
Axel: Uhh, what are you doing, Roxas?
Axel: Huh?
Axel: What's their story?
Axel: So what, they're digging for buried gold? From the looks of it, all they're digging up is trouble.
Axel: You mean Heartless are hiding in the ground?
Axel: You got a better explanation?
Axel: And the Heartless were in the chest?
Axel: Like?
Axel: Off? Off how?
Axel: Well... right now we're just guessing. Let's start by checking the places they dug up. Who knows, maybe we'll find out targets down there taking a nap.
Axel: Hey, Roxas... Who have we got here?
Axel: Yeah, I already saw your demonstration.
Axel: What--!?
Axel: How are you doing that?
Axel: "I can fly," and boom, huh?
Axel: All right...
Axel: I'm not feeling it, Roxas.
Axel: Okay... I believe you.
Axel (surprised): I can fly... I can fly!?
Axel: Doesn't it belong to those guys from before? What, are they your friends?
Axel: No... I think they've just mistaken us for Heartless.
Axel: Roxas! Are you nuts? Get back here.
Axel: We don't know what she's after. The mission comes first. Let's find those Artful Flyers.
Axel: Keep your eyes open. I don't want to have to scrape you off a cannonball.
Axel: Mission accomplished. And what a strange mission it was.
Axel: Heh, you have to at least give them points for trying.
Axel: Hmm? Oh, your tiny friend?
Axel: I don't think we had much choice. We're not getting anywhere near that ship today.
Axel: Cheer up. She looked pretty determined. She'll be fine.
Axel: C'mon, let's RTC.
Axel: I dunno about that...
Axel: Xion...

DAY 224

Axel: Hey, Roxas. I hear it's you and Demyx today. Gooooood luck with that...
Axel: Hey hey. Oh, Xion, what are you doing here?
Axel: C'mon, that's not what I meant.
Axel: Uh-huh?
Axel: Yup.
Axel: The Organization uses it as a research facility.
Axel: Well...they probably just don't need you there, that's all.
Axel: I've got it!
Axel: Let's go to the beach next time we get a day off.
Axel: What, don't you want to go somewhere different for a change?
Axel: Yeah, exactly.
Axel: You'll have a blast, trust me.

DAY 225

Axel: Saix only gives days off when he's in a good mood. Which is never.
Axel: What, all by your lonesome?
Axel: Where's Xion?
Axel: Hmm...
Axel: She'll be okay. Don't stress it.
Axel: Right...

DAY 255

Axel: Orders. Nothing to do with you. I'm not sure what you thought you'd find in an empty place like this.
Axel: Weren't you given some other mission?
Axel: You can't just throw orders to the wind, Xion.
Axel: Not even a Dusk. They'll skip right past that and destroy you outright.
Axel: No, I didn't say that.
Axel: Turn around and go home, Xion.
Axel: Well, stop remembering. Nothing good will come of it.
Axel: Then they sure ain't memories. How could I be part of your past? Use your head, Xion.
Axel: Have not. Go home, Xion. Don't keep Roxas waiting.
Axel: Hey--stop! Xion, stay out of there!

Axel: You're early.
Axel: What's that about?
Axel: So, you got the number memorized, do ya?
Axel: Right, that first week you could barely form a sentence. But come on, you're still kind of a zombie.
Axel: Hey, Roxas. Bet you don't know why the sun sets red. You see, light is made up of lots of colors. And out of all those colors, red is the one that travels the farthest.
Axel: Roxas... I'm not sure she's gonna show today.
Axel: She...
Axel: ...What, didn't you hear? She got sent on a really important mission. Pretty cool, huh?
Axel: Well, I guess that depends on how well she does her job, right?

DAY 256

Axel: Hmm... Which means, if the time doesn't come, things can stay as they are...

DAY 276

Axel: Well, what do you want to do, Xion?
Axel: Been that long, huh?
Axel: You wanna go look for her?
Axel: Orders, shmorders. Starting tomorrow, let's use our spare time between work and coming here to try and find Xion.

DAY 277

Axel: I'll go look for her after work today. You do the same.

DAY 277

Axel: Don't forget to go look for her after work today.

DAY 279

Axel: I'll look again after work today, see if I can find her.
Axel: You sure there isn't someplace you're forgetting to check?
Axel (scratching his head): Right...
Axel: Yeah, but... The place has been cleared out, man. There's nothing there.
Axel: You know...that's where she comes from. Castle Oblivion.
Axel: That's probably why she was asking about it.
Axel: Hey, neither did I. I only found out about it a little while ago myself.

DAY 297

Axel: Then how 'bout I tag along? I know Castle Oblivion better than anybody else in this outfit.
Axel: Castle Oblivion, huh? Ask and ye shall receive.
Axel: Roxas!?
Axel: Hey, easy man! C'mon, let's retreat for now and--
Axel: Roxas!
Axel: We're leaving. Now!
Axel: Whoa, you okay there?
Axel: You collapsed right inside the castle doors. Don't you remember?
Axel: Hey, you should take a breather.
Axel: Hah, I don't think so.
Axel: Who's there?
Axel: Roxas, wait up!
Axel: I thought the impostor was sighted in Castle Oblivion! What's he doing here?
Axel: Ain't no way that was Xion!
Axel: At least we know she's safe. She'll come home when she's ready.
Axel: Not necessarily.

DAY 298

Axel: You're ordering me to what!?
Axel: Well, this is pretty icky, huh?
Axel: Relax. I'll think of something clever once I find her. You just worry about yourself, huh? That guy in the coat didn't look like the type to go down without a fight.
Axel: Well, hello there...Xion.
Axel: Oh, hey, Roxas.
Axel: Safe.
Axel: Do what?
Axel: Didn't I?
Axel: This isn't about friendship.
Axel: If that's all, I gotta go.

DAY 299

Axel: You're sure things are better this way?
Axel: Hey, Roxas.

DAY 301

Axel: Hey... Everything going okay?
Axel: You need something?
Axel: Well, you know him better than me.
Axel: Ask yourself what's doing it to him.
Axel: Oh, you're not sure? What, did they forget to build you with common sense?
Axel: Oh, come on, don't look shocked. You already know you're a Replica. A puppet whose original purpose was to duplicate Roxas's powers. If he's getting weaker and you're getting stronger... Well, that just means you're borrowing a little more than you oughta be.
Axel: I can't make that decision for you. You're no puppet in my book. You're my best friend. Mine and Roxas's. Got it memorized?
Axel: What's that?

DAY 352

Axel: Hey, whoa whoa whoa... Roxas, you really wanna do that?
Axel: It's just, lately you--
Axel: But...
Axel: Hey... Watch yourself out there.
Axel: STOP, both of you!
Axel: This mission was a setup.
Axel: It was rigged so you two would battle each other.
Axel: Well, we have had our share of drama. Hey, I just remembered--did you guys know you should be checking your ice cream sticks?
Axel: Once you finish your ice cream bar, check the stick. It might say WINNER.
Axel: "Oh yeah" what?
Axel: Heh, beats me.
Axel: It's gotta be something good, if you're a WINNER!
Axel: Well, even if things change, we'll never be apart--
Axel: Just checking.

DAY 353

Axel: Sorry, did you say something?
Axel: Now here's an unlikely trio. Me, Xigbar, and Xion?
Axel: 'Course not. Touchy, touchy... It's just not every day we get to go for a stroll with number II himself. Ain't that right, Xion?
Axel: Cut it out, Xion!
Axel: Have you flipped your lid?
Axel: What the...
Axel: But how are you...gonna...
Axel: I didn't let her go. The old man needs to get his eyes checked. Anyway, she wasn't taking no for an answer.
Axel: Look, nothing.
Axel: It's just like Xigbar said. I couldn't stop her from going.
Axel (crossing his arms): Roxas... Xion is like a mirror that reflects you.
Axel: The Organization made her to duplicate your powers. She's a puppet.
Axel: She's smoke and mirrors, Roxas. And when I looked in the mirror... It wasn't you I saw.
Axel: That's not what I mean, Roxas. It was only a matter of time before somebody had to break the mirror.
Axel: Roxas, if somebody doesn't, you'll... You won't be you anymore.
Axel (shaking his head): Roxas, you're...you're not seeing the bigger picture. Any of it.
Axel: Roxas!
Axel: Why can't you understand...

DAY 354

Axel: I have to, or else I'm not safe here either.
Axel: That's up to her. Roxas... Xion is dangerous.
Axel: Have you got all your strength back?

DAY 355

Axel: Hey, Roxas.
Axel: Like it's gonna be that easy.
Axel: ...Not the whole time.
Axel: Oh, I dunno. Somewhere along the way.
Axel: Yeah... They did.
Axel: No, you've got that part wrong. You'll always be my best friend.
Axel: No...
Axel: You really think the truth is going to make you feel better? It won't.
Axel: Roxas...
Axel: You've just gotta trust me, Roxas.
Axel: Hey, c'mon...
Axel: Your mind's made up?
Axel: You can't turn on the Organization! You get on their bad side, and they'll destroy you!
Axel: That's not true... I would.

DAY 356

Axel: Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs?
Axel: Xion...what are you gonna do?
Axel: Well, to be honest, I always felt that was best, right from the very beginning. But you know, it still really bugs me. Something about this just stinks.
Axel: But how do you know that? Everybody thinks they're right...
Axel: They're gonna destroy you!
Axel (struggling hard): What's your problem? You both...think you can do whatever you want. Well, I'm sick of it. Go on, you just keep running. But I'll always be there to bring you back!
Axel: Man... Why you always gotta...cause me...trouble...
Axel: How did this happen?

b a c k   .   c l e a r   .   f o r w a r d