As Axel is making fun of Larxene for losing the battle instead of "throwing it" like she tried to argue, Vexen comes in and agrees with Axel, saying that he is right and that it "was an ungainly performance," which obviously makes Larxene get extremely annoyed. Axel then asks Vexen what he is doing at the topside of the Organization. Vexen tells him that he wants to "lend a hand" in the situation with Sora. He tells them that since he is a scientist, he made an experiment and he would like to test it out against Sora. Axel tells Vexen to "cut the act" because it is apparent that testing on Sora is just an excuse to test his "little follower." Axel tells him that he can have his fun and try it against Sora as long as he takes a Wild Card with him to keep the game "fresh." Axel tells him that Vexen can no longer tell him he doesn't respect his elders.

Larxene and Axel poke fun at Vexen because his Riku Replica no longer is willing to take orders from him. Axel comments on how they should give Vexen the "benefit of the doubt" because "Riku could be hiding as part of some elaborate plan to lure Sora deeper in the castle," which gets Larxene going even more. Vexen gets angered because of the disrespect he is getting from those who are younger than him. Marluxia barges in and tells Vexen that he failed the Organization with his experiment. Marluxia makes threats to tell the boss and everyone that he has commit treason to the Organization if he does not go and eliminate Sora. Axel states that "he'll really do it, you know. He's got no choice."

Axel is then ordered to eliminate Vexen from the Organization. Vexen begins to tell Sora that if he continues to search for Namine that he will become a pawn in Marluxia's game. Axel strikes Vexen from behind with his chakrams. Vexen falls to the ground and asks Axel Why he is doing this to him. Axel responds with, "you sure love to talk. It's about time you shut up - forever." Vexen tells Axel not to do it, but Axel assures him it's for the best because they are both nobodies. He tells Vexen he's got no one to be, yet he still "is." He tells Vexen to "look on the bright side, you're off the hook. Now you can be nothing instead of just being nobody." Vexen's last words are: "Mercy, Axel! I don't want to...go yet..." as Axel slashes him and says, "NOW you can tell me I don't respect my elders."

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