Axel first comes into contact with Riku Replica when Vexen first introduces him to the world. Vexen wanted to show off what all of his long and hard research has led him to create. Rike Replica asks Axel what a card is going to do while fighting with Sora. Axel tells him that the card contains Sora and Riku's memories of their home town, which will include Namine in it too.

Axel meets up with Zexion while Zexion is talking to himself about all of the people who have already died in the Organization. Axel and him talk about who might be next, and Zexion states "maybe you." Axel laughs and says that he thinks that Marluxia is the next person to be destroyed since Sora and Axel already rumbled once before. Zexion doesn't believe Axel because he doesn't think that just because Axel lost a battle to Sora that Sora is unbeatable and has the power to defeat Marluxia. Axel tells Zexion that since Marluxia plotted against the Organization by attempting to get Sora's keyblade, Sora should be the one who defeats him. Zexion comments on how they "won't be needing Riku anymore." Axel tells him that it will be tough to dispose of Riku Replica because he already defeated Lexaeus.

Zexion and Riku battle, and Zexion is in terrible shape. He makes a poral and goes back to the basement of the tower. Axel and Riku Replica appear behind Zexion. Zexion thinks that Axel brought Riku Replica there to fight against the real Riku in battle. He tells Axel that he was a good thinker, giving him props for bringing Riku Replica. Axel ignores what Zexion says, and asks Riku Replica if he would like to be known as real, now that he is aware that he isn't. Riku Replica states "Yeah." Axel tells him that he is able to be real, all he needs is the strength that Riku does not have. He tells him that if he gains someone else's strength that he can be a "new person, your OWN person. Not Riku, not anybody else. You won't be someone else's copy. You'll be you." Zexion, startled by what is coming out of Axel's mouth asks Axel "What are you telling him?!" Axel tells Riku Replica that Zexion is as good as anyone else, and might be a good start to becoming his own person. Zexion asks Axel if he has lost his mind trying to destroy one of his own people. Axel responds with "Sorry, Zexy. Saving you doesn't seem half as entertaining as observing Sora and Riku." Riku Replica walks forward and grabs Zexion by the throat, absorbing him and his powers. Zexion screams for him to stop, but it is too late.
You know, I bet he's as good a place to start as any.

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