The following are all of the lines that Axel says during the scripts and cut scenes of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. If you have not yet played the game, these may be spoilers. Please be aware.


????: Boo.
????: I got bored, what with you hogging the hero.
????: Perhaps I would.
????: Looks like it's my show now, Keyblade master. My name is Axel. Commit it to memory.
Axel: Good, you learn quick. So, Sora, now that we're on a first-name basis... (summoning weapons) ...don't go dying on me!
Axel: Correct.
Axel: After an introduction like that, you don't think I'd just give up the ghost?
Axel: Congratulations, Sora. You passed! You're ready to take on Castle Oblivion. Follow your memories. Trust what you remember, seek what you forget...and you will find someone very special.
Axel: Well, I don't know. You'll just have to give some more thought to who's most important to you. Our most precious memories lie deep in our hearts, out of reach. But you can find yours, Sora.
Axel: The light within the darkness. You've lost sight of it, Sora. You've forgotten forgetting.
Axel: Would you like a hint?
Axel: That's my kind of answer. Just what I'd expect from the Keyblade master. But be forewarned... When your sleeping memories awaken, you may no longer be you.

Axel: And you're not?
Axel: He became a Heartless, Larxene - and you know what happens to people who do.
Axel: Right. But that didn't happen to Sora. He held on to his feelings, even as a Heartless. Only one other man ever managed to do that.
Axel: What makes his heart shine like that? What sleeps in his most secret depths?
Axel: Maybe so. But unlocking its secrets is the whole reason we, the Organization, exist.

Axel: Let's see how far our boy will go, then. Think it's time for another round?
Axel: (throwing cards to Larxene) Remember, Larxene. Our job is to deliver him in one piece.
Axel: Don't break him.
Axel: He's partly one of us.
Axel: Then you won't mind the warning. Remember, Sora is the key. We need him if we're going to take the Organization.
Axel: You would have been wise to do the same, Larxene.

Axel: Throwing the battle? Looks to me like you plain old lost the battle.
Axel: Can we help you, Vexen? It's not very often we see you topside.
Axel: Whatever, Vexen. Do what you want. But cut the act. Testing Sora is just an excuse to test your little follower.
Axel: Have your fun. But take this with you. A wild card to keep the game fresh. (throwing a card to Vexen) Now don't tell me I don't respect my elders.

Axel: Heh heh... I know exactly how you feel. Don't get your hopes up. Nobodies can't be somebodies. But think, Namine. I'm sure there's SOMETHING you could do...

Axel: Now Larxene... Shouldn't we give Vexen the benefit of the doubt? Riku could be hiding as part of some elaborate plan to lure Sora deeper into the castle.
Axel: He'll really do it, you know. He's got no choice.

Axel: If he just passes through without catching on, we can patch things up later. But if not...
Axel: No, I don't. Maybe you could spell it out for me.
Axel: Done. There's no taking that order back later.

Axel: Sora. Sorry to cut in right when he was getting to the juicy bits.
Axel: You sure love to talk. It's about time you shut up - forever.
Axel: We're nobodies, Vexen. We've got no one to be - but we still "are." So look on the bright side. You're off the hook. Now you can be nothing instead of just being nobody.
Axel: NOW you can tell me I don't respect my elders.
Axel: Wish I knew the answer to that myself.

Axel: Marluxia, you used Vexen to test Sora's strength, right?
Axel: I see. And that's where Sora comes in, right?

Axel: You're all he's got left. If you don't stop this, no one will.
Axel: Oh, I don't think you should give up just yet. By the way, Namine. I don't see Marluxia around. Do you?
Axel: There's no one here to stop you. Do it right.
Axel: Hm hmm... Ha ha haaa! Now THIS should be good. All the actors are in place. Now, Sora! Namine! Riku! Marluxia! Larxene! It's about time you gave me one hell of a show!

Axel: Traitor? I don't know what you're talking about.
Axel: Right, your big plan. You use Namine to rewrite Sora's memory piece by piece. He becomes her puppet. Then, using Namine and Sora, you and Larxene overthrow the Organization. Did I get it right? 'Cause that would make YOU the traitor, Marluxia. Not me.
Axel: Yeah, come to think of it. So what? All I did was weed the garden. And I had to be sure you two trusted me.
Axel: Moving on... I believe you ordered me to "rid us of our traitors." (summoning his weapons) I always follow orders, Marluxia.

Axel: Larxene paid the price for disloyalty. You're next, Marluxia. In the name of the Organization you betrayed, I will annihilate you!
Axel: What kind of game is this? You think cowering behind Namine will stop me? Think again. Your little mascot can keep you company in the void. Farewell, Marluxia.
Axel: Huh?
Axel: Well, well, Sora. Marluxia made you his puppet after all.
Axel: Hmm... Listen, Sora. We've got more in common than you think. I'd rather not fight you...but I do have a reputation to think of!
Axel: You're not half bad. Looks like it was worth saving your hide after all.
Axel: Sorry... I'd hate to kill the suspense.


Axel: Can we help you, Vexen? It's not very often we see you topside.
Axel: Whatever, Vexen. Do what you want. But cut the act. Testing Sora is just an excuse to test your little follower.
Axel: Have your fun. But take this with you. A wild card to keep the game fresh. (throwing Vexen a card) Now don't tell me I don't respect my elders.
Axel: That card contains Sora and Riku's memories of their home.

Axel: Larxene's out of the picture, too. Namine turned on her. Gee, I wonder who's next?
Axel: Me? Naah. I already took my pounding from Sora. He thinks I'm done for good. I don't plan on doing a repeat performance anytime soon. No, I think Marluxia's next in line to go.
Axel: That's the idea. Marluxia plotted to use Sora against the Organization... so it's fitting Sora should be his downfall.
Axel: Good luck disposing of him. You want to take on someone who wasted Lexaeus?

Axel: Say, Riku. It must be hard now that you know you're not real. I bet you'd LIKE to be real.
Axel: Well, you can. All you need is strength that the real Riku doesn't have. Get that, and you can be a new person, your OWN person. Not Riku, not anybody else. You won't be someone else's copy. You'll be you.
Axel: You know, I bet he's as good a place to start as any.
Axel: Sorry, Zexy. Saving you doesn't seem half as entertaining as observing Sora and Riku.

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