The journal covers each portion of the game in great detail. It revises everything that appears or occurs throughout game; from the characters, to the cards, to the enemies. As you progress through the game, you will note that more and more is recorded in the journal. In order for you to fully complete your journal, then, you must beat the entire game. Many of you probably remember Jiminy's journal in the first Kingdom Hearts and may have found it useful if biographies, information, or references were in regards to the game. The same premise revolves around his journal this time around, as many may use it as a reference to find exactly the information they need. The journal proves useful in any scenario, just as it had in the very first game for the Playstation 2. Considering Jiminy's journal is so large, as - literally - the whole story of the game is written inside of it, it has been split up into multiple sections. It begins with telling the game's story, moving on to the card index, and finally ending with a summary of the characters. Each of these topics have subtopics, and by the end of the journal all shall be covered.
xv. Twilight Town
"The card Vexen gave us led to a town none of us remembered.

But Sora held fast to his promise to Namine, and we pressed on.

Speaking of which, Vexen seemed ready to say something about that, but Axel showed up, and... Well, we won't be seeing Vexen again."

xvii. Castle Oblivion
"Well, we've made it to the top, and many of our memories are gone. Sora can't even recall the name of the person he cares for most.

But we've made a promise. No distance can separate us, and we'll be friends even if we can't remember it to be so.

Axel is out of the way. We just have to stop Marluxia. He ordered Namine to wipe Sora's memory, but it doesn't matter.

Sora knows that promises don't fade as easily as memories."

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