Despite that your level doesn't matter much in this game, by leveling up you will be able to gain some extra things such as new moves and more HP. If you still are unable to win against the Axel boss battle even while continuously leveling up, try to get more SP or HP points, which are really useful for Sora! Here are some great tips on how to defeat Axel in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Axel has 1680 HP.

Axel weak against Ice attacks, so one main strategy for the battle against him is to:

1. Put a lot of Ice cards into your deck
2. Put a lot of Cloud cards into your deck
3. Put a lot of healing cards into your deck
4. Put some keyblade cards with value 0 in your deck.
In order to break one of his best attacks, in which he uses some fire balls that just go round and round and around you and hit you several times, you must use the keyblade cards. Be careful when he uses this attack because you will take 1 or 2 harsh hits from it. Now, go into battle and use combos of 3 Ice Cards and combos of 3 Cloud Cards, always starting with the card with lower value that you have in your deck (this will prevent you from losing your combo.) In any case, do this with both the Cloud cards and the ice cards. Be sure to heal when necessary. A better chance is by taking your best keyblades, as many Cloud cards as you can and lots (and I mean LOTS)of healing cards. Now, strike with combos of 3 Cloud cards and with as many single (DON'T USE COMBOS WITH THESE!) keyblades as you can, and heal every time it is possible. Try not to spend any healing cards on combos, as you will really need them. Using this technique you may face a hard and slow battle which may take a long time to complete, but eventually you will win.

Another Strategy would include the following cards:

1. 12-15 high level keyblade cards (6-9)
2. Healing cards (Tinkerbell, Cure, Bambi)
3. Items all 5 and above (Megalixer, Potion, Ether)
4. About 5 keyblade at level 0
5. Enemy cards such as Oogie Booige, Malificent Dragon, Jafar, and 2 Neo Shadows.
Place the five 0 keyblades at the very beggining of your deck (you can skip over the 5 as soon as the battle starts, this allows you to have quick acess to them when you need to card break.) Next place all your remaining keyblade cards.Then your items, then your magic, with healing magic first, then summons. Finally, place Malificent first in enemy cards, then Jafar, then Oogie boogie, then the 2 neo shadows.

At the start of the battle, after skipping the first five 0 cards, activate the Malificent Dragon card, this lets you hit for a lot more damage. Pound away on Axel, pressing R to shuffle to the left to acess a 0 card when needed, (note: you should see his firewall move as a blessing, not an attack. If you are far enough away, you can use the slow moving wall as time to shuffle your deck.) As for the 2 balls, card break them if they are too close to you, but if you are far enough back, and U think you can make it, you can roll through them, to land beside Axel for a few hits. In doing all this, you will eventually get hit and have to heal, rather than stopping to heal, just use your Oogie Boogie card, to keep the fighting going. Once you have Axel down to about halfway to the green bar, use the Jafar card to really let loose on him, he wont be able to break any of your attacks. I reccomend placing the Tinkerbell and Bambi cards in a combo with a high level card of some sort, doing this because I had low level tinkerbell and Bambis, so he would always break them. So place a Tink, then a bambi, then a level 9 card of some sort. to get enough healing. Keep at it till you have Axel at 1/2 of his green bar, then for a helping hand, activate a Neo shadow card to tick away at his life, activate the other Neo Shadow when that runs out, and by this time you should have him done.

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