Bingo. The name's Axel.

Welcome to Into the Black, a tribute dedicated to Axel from the video game and manga series, Kingdom Hearts. This shrine is brought to you by Megan, a fan of the in-depth character. The navigation is self explanatory and found above. There are many unmarked SPOILERS on this shrine (basically every single page), so please be cautious when scrolling through. Please enjoy your stay~

Axel is my favorite character from the Kingdom Hearts franchise. While my sister and I were playing through Kingdom Hearts II for the first time, I was immediately interested in him due to his sense of humor. As the game progressed, I realized that he had a lot of built up emotion, making me realize he was more than just a comical character. As a member of Organization XIII, Axel has a lot of commitment that he doesn't always seem to follow. His rebellious nature, when doing something he knows is right, is also something that I am a fan of. Please enjoy a walk through of my tribute to him. Essays is a great section to visit if you are interested in more of my opinions on Axel. If not, feel free to browse through the basic information pages, where you can also find detailed descriptions of Axel's relationships with other characters in each individual game.

This new version of Into the Black was created for an event at Amassment called Shrine Revamp 2016. Although I've had my Axel tribute online for over 10 years (through, to here on, I am now finally happy with how this tribute has turned out. Thanks to Amassment for inspiring me to revamp my Axel tribute finally!

This layout is version 9, featuring a scan of Axel and Pluto that I found on Minitokyo. This layout was created on August 17th, 2016. I cropped the image down to just be Axel (but you can see Pluto's head a bit on the side), and added some brushes that were created on Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Mac. The font used for the title was Impact, and the navigation was in I'm Fashionista!. To look at previous layouts, or other layouts created by me, feel free to check out my layout archive! Thanks for looking around.

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In 2021, Into the Black became the the approved fanlisting to Axel from the game series Kingdom Hearts. Feel free to join if you are so inclined. Don't hesitate to contact me if you find that you have any questions, comments or concerns as well, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for visiting!

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