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MEGAN x February 2017

megan and kingdom hearts

Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts 2
Favorite Organization Member: Saix
Favorite Overall Character: Axel
Favorite Couple: Sora x Kairi
Favorite World: Halloween Town or Olympia
Favorite Bad-Guy: Maleficent
Favorite Good-Guy Helper: Hercules
Favorite Song: Dearly Beloved
Favorite FF Character: Squall
Favorite Disney Character: Jack Skellington
*****Thank you shout out to Cherri for hand-making me that Axel plush for a belated Christmas and Birthday present in February 2017 <3 I had to share it here with my personal KH journey!
READ ME: Below is a small introduction as to why I love the series, and why I decided to shrine the above subjects. This may be a bit of a SPOILER section down here, so please be cautious while reading. If you have already completed the games, then feel free to read why I picked my tributes!

The Kingdom Hearts series is one that is close and dear to my heart. I have always loved Kingdom Hearts, starting with the first game I ever played, Kingdom Hearts for the PlayStation 2. My sister, Samantha, brought home the game one day and I immediately started watching her play. Because the game came out back in 2002 in America, I was a little young to be able to buy the series myself. That didn't stop me from getting involved because I used to watch her play it for hours. At the time, I wasn't really interested in any of the new main characters (i.e Sora, Riku, or Kairi), but I really liked seeing The Nightmare Before Christmas story, especially Jack Skellington, as well as Pluto the Disney Dog.

Moving onto the second game I ever played, Kingdom Hearts 2, I finally found my favorite character of the series: Organization Member XIII, Axel. I was instantly attracted to Axel from the beginning of the game, seeing his relationship with Roxas and Sora unfold. I remember I use to HATE Sora when Axel died at the end of this game, but later on I began to realize that their was a special bond between the two which caused Axel to give his life for him. That sparked my love for their relationship. This game created my passion to make sites to Axel and Sora x Axel.

During my second play through of KH2, Saix began to stick out for me more. I liked how even though he came off cold, it was because he had a passion for finding his heart. It seemed kind of funny to me that someone who was so determined that he didn't have a heart was so passionate about finding it (how is it possible to be passionate without a heart??) After I began my play through of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, I really did like Saix and decided to make a tribute for him as well. Finally, playing Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, I really adored the storyline behind Marluxia. Although he was slightly sadistic and narcissistic with his own ideals and self, I thought his character was very well developed and it made me interested in learning more about him. Researching and creating the shrine, I realized Marluxia was also one of my favorite characters. Seeing Marluxia manipulate characters like Vexen into creating Riku Replica, made him fascinating. Speaking of Riku Replica, he was also a really well-developed character. I liked how he realized that even though his memories with Namine were fake, he was still going to believe in them and fight for her. He was just a great character to shrine as well.