Defining Hero is owned by Megan. All information published on this website was created by myself, unless stated otherwise. Defining Hero is a place where I can publicly show my love and compassion for the air-headed boy, Junpei. This shrine was finished on August 10th of 2013 on my domain Defining Hero was originally made on my first domain,, but after some downtime, I lost all information originally published. I brought back the fanlisting in March of 2011. Defining Hero was a name that really fit Junpei in my mind because he strives so hard through out the whole series to be a hero and learn the true meaning of one. Everything seen, unless stated otherwise, was created for the purpose of Defining Hero, and may not be used anywhere else. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at any of the following places:
AIM: Chocolatemilkage

1. Can I use your information/media/gallery on my site?
NO you may NOT use or copy my information from here. I spent a lot of my free time working and writing about Junpei and everything shown on Defining Hero. PLEASE do NOT use my information! D: If i see you with it, the exact same thing or close, I will probably email you asking you to take it down. If you credit Defining Hero, please email me first before using content.

2. Can I submit something here?
Sure! I don't mind if you donate anything for the media section here. I'll give you proper credit too. Please email me to donate with your name and an email or URL that you would like to be shown for credit.

3. Can I affiliate?
Yes, you can, as long as it is Persona related. Fanlistings are welcome as well. Feel free to email me about it. I will not accept an affiliate if you have stolen content.


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