Besides for being a Persona user, Junpei also uses two-handed swords, making him be a main physically-oriented ally throughout the game. The two-handed sword was a specialized and effective infantry weapon, and was recognized as such in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Below are a few facts about the two-handed swords found by writings in Coe et al, pg. 48).
➾ The two-handed swords are very large (measuring 60-70 in/150-175 cm). However, as hefty as it looks, it only ends up weighing something of the order of 5-8 lbs/2.3-3.6 kg.
➾ In the hands of the Swiss and German infantrymen it was lethal weapon, and its use was considered as special skill, often meriting extra pay.
➾ Fifteenth-century examples usually have an expanded cruciform hilt, sometimes with side rings on one or both sides of the quillon block. This was the form which remained dominant in Italy during the sixteenth century.
➾ Two-handed swords typically have a generous ricasso to allow the blade to be safely gripped below the quillons and thus wielded more effectively at close quarters.
➾ Triangular or pointed projections, known as flukes, were added at the base of the ricasso to defend the hand.
Junpei's two-handed sword has a:
Property of Slash,
Power of A
Accuracy of C
Range of A
Speed of C
Unfortunately, Junpei tends to get outclassed in the later stages of the game as his secondary skills just don't measure up to those offered by two other allies: Aigis, for support, and Koromaru, for Fire spells. He'll continue to be a good bet for physical attacks, but that's about it. He does have great regenerative potential, however. All you need to do is combine Spring of Life with an Omega Badge and he'll be able to automatically regain 15-20% of his HP each turn. Like I said, though, his hardiness doesn't really do much in terms of extending to other allies.

Final skills:
      ➾ Spring of Life
      ➾ Torrent Shot
      ➾ Marakukaja
      ➾ Gigantic Fist
      ➾ High Counter
      ➾ Agidyne
      ➾ Deathbound
      ➾ Vorpal Blade


➾ "Hermes!" (Enemy weak to attack/Critical with Phys skill: Hermes)
➾ "Trismegistus!" (Enemy weak to attack/Critical with Phys skill: Trismegistus)
➾ "I can't lose to him." (Summoning Persona for the first time)
➾ "Check this out!" (Using Persona skills: Hermes)
➾ "Time to shake things up a bit." (Using Persona skills: Trismegistus)
➾ "It's on!" (Using Persona Skills: Trismegistus)
➾ "Home run!" (Delivering a Critical Hit)
➾ "Awesome!" (Ally exploits weakness/Critical)
➾ "Get 'em!" (Cheering on an ally)
➾ "Here's our chance! Let's get 'em!" (Prompting All-Out Attack)
➾ "Get back here, you son of a-!" (During All-Out Attack)
➾ "Huh? Why not?" (Relenting from All-Out Attack)
➾ "Yeah! It's my turn!" (Requesting Co-Op attack)
➾ "Way to go Yuka-tan!" (Cheering on Yukari)
➾ "Way to go, Senpai!" (Cheering on Akihiko, Mitsuru or Shinjiro)
➾ "That one just won't die!" (Failed to defeat the enemy)
➾ "Damn, I couldn't finish it off." (Failed to defeat the enemy)
➾ "Here!" (Healing an ally)
➾ "What the hell?!" (Attack misses, causing him to stumble)
➾ "Damn it!" (Attack misses, causing him to stumble)
➾ "Sorry to keep you waiting." (Standing up after being knocked Down)
➾ "Damn. I blew it." (Standing up after being knocked Down)
➾ "Ngh, you serious?" (Faint/Unconscious)
➾ "I'm back, baby!" (Revived from Faint/Unconsciousness)
➾ "Gotcha." (Changing battle tactics)
➾ "All right. Fine." (Changing battle tactics)
➾ "Who's the man!?" (Battle won: Hermes)
➾ "Not bad, huh?" (Battle won: Hermes)
➾ "Let's keep going!" (Battle won: Trismegistus)
➾ "When the going gets tough, the tough get going!" (Battle won: Trismegistus)
➾ "Dude, we gotta pull together!"
➾ "Ta da da da! Junpei has leveled up!" (Level up)
➾ "Ta da da da! I'm da man!" (Level up)
➾ "Mano-a-mano! Let's do this!" (Summoning Persona: Trismegistus)
➾ "Crap, Slash attacks are out!" (Enemy resistant to Slash)
➾ "Strikes are no good!" (Enemy resistant to Strike)
➾ "That thing can't be Pierced!" (Enemy resistant to Pierce)
➾ "Forget about using Fire!" (Enemy resistant to Fire)
➾ "Dude, Ice is useless!" (Enemy resistant to Ice)
➾ "Forget about Wind!" (Enemy resistant to Wind)
➾ "Dammit, Electricity is out!" (Enemy resistant to Electricity)
➾ "Light's not doin' a damn thing!" (Enemy resistant to Light)
➾ "Darkness won't work!" (Enemy resistant to Darkness)
➾ "Shit, Almighty won't work?!" (Enemy resistant to Almighty)
➾ "No, he's/she's not alone! I won't let him/her die!" (Final Nyx battle)


➾ Junpei is in the classroom 2-F. Available on Tuesday and Thursday day time.
➾ 8/27, (Thu) Day time: Movie: Junpei
➾ 10/17, (Sat) Night time: Walk: Junpei
➾ 12/27, (Sun) Night time: Walk: Junpei

Although your female character is unable to fall in love with Junpei, and Junpei is unable to fall in love with her, you are able to have a great friendship. Junpei is a bit 'socially awkward' and makes comments of feeling happy around you, feeling like you are easy to talk to. However, Junpei is with Chidori during P3P as well as the normal games, and therefore your social link is unable to be romantic. During some point of his social link, Junpei found out someone was taking candid photos of the female protagonist, and he subsequently helps her find the culprit. When his S.Link is maxed, Junpei will give the female protagonist a pig key holder, an item he used to keep his house keys. Since he moved to the dorm, he had kept his house keys on his person, due to the circumstances involving his father.

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