NAME: Iori Junpei
NICK NAME: Stupie (By Yukari)
CHARACTERIZATION: Ace Defective (joke nick-name once again)
BIRTH DATE: January 16th, 1993 (Capricorn ♑)
AGE: Persona 3 - 16, Answer - 17
HEIGHT: 170.5 cm (5'7")
WEAPON: Two-handed Sword
ARCANA: The Magician
PERSONA: Hermes, Trismegistus
FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Eating, sleeping, having fun
"Junpei is a comic relief Character from Persona 3, a title well respected among JRPG gamers. His personas specialize mostly of strong physical attacks and weak fire magic." - Official Profile


Junpei comes off as your typical air-headed boy: he is really goofy, he takes life as a game, and he's girl crazy. However, overall, Junpei is hilarious to me, and is meant to be a comic-relief character in a semi-depressing game. One of my favorite scenes, and a great one to describe Junpei's humor, is during his "Junpei's Believe it, or Don't!" special. He tells a story that he had heard from another kid at school. He doesn't just tell it, he makes it seem like its going to be fantastic and super scary. Sadly for Junpei, it turns out to be sort of boring and childish.

Junpei is a typical teenage boy. He goes to the beach and creates "Operation Babe Hunt," where he forces the protagonist and Akihiko to follow him around the beach and get with girls. His pick-up lines were not very smooth, causing him to not succeed in getting any girls, but he tried his best. Junpei isn't studious or book-smart at all, and he often relies on the Protagonist for help during class to get the right answers. However, when I was writing notes for Junpei, I highlighted the fact that on November 30th, Junpei actually studies.

Besides for his goofy side, Junpei can also be very serious. When it comes to missions he is always determined to be a hero no matter what. However, Junpei's need to be important during battle puts a toll on not only himself, but his teammates. We see Junpei running off on his own during a serious Full Moon battle simply because he is jealous of the Protagonist for always being the hero. This act of stupidity on Junpei's part caused the Protagonist and Yukari to run after him, putting their own lives at risk. Although he starts off a bit naive in battle, one great thing about Junpei is that he always means well and truly wants to save the world. We see this once he meets Chidori. Animatedly, he tells her about how he fights to protect the world. She comments on how she is impressed by him because he is fighting without any recognition of what he is doing, and therefore he is selfless. Although Junpei never realized it before, he is a hero in his own way. He becomes determined to protect Chidori and that becomes his ultimate goal.

Overall, Junpei is a really caring guy who gets a little lost in his own fantasies of being a hero and providing for others. He is goofy and charming and, although he's not very bright, he means well. After meeting Chidori, Junpei's attitude towards battles and himself change immensely. After her death, he is depressed for awhile, but once he obtains her notebook, he becomes determined to do better in life and be a better Junpei.


Junpei is a Japanese boy name that means "pure" or "genuine." It currently is a very unpopular name in Japan. Junpei can also be found in some parts of Australia, but once again, it is very uncommon in modern times. Based on Junpei's personality, I thought that the description of the name Junpei really portrayed him well. If you want to search a characters name, feel free to go to and see what you can find about their names as well!
→ "Your name of Junpei indicates qualities of a leader and organizer but a difficulty in concentrating and systematizing your efforts interferes with achieving your goals."
→ "You have a friendly nature, well-liked by others for your sense of humor and pleasant personality and you love parties and socializing in general."
→ "You could be musically or artistically inclined and may often be the 'life' of the party and would enjoy finding expression in the entertainment field."
→ "You have a pleasure-loving nature, and although you have an ability to meet and mix with people on all levels, you tend to become involved in awkward emotional situations to your detriment."
→ "Deriving pleasure from giving to others, you enjoy spending money on them, but tend to be a spendthrift, and not build up a reserve for emergencies."
→ "You have a good appetite, and appreciate the best and richest foods."


NAME: Kosuke Toriumi
SEIYUU: Japanese voice
BIRTHDAY: May 16, 1973
BIRTHPLACE: Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture
Kosuke Toriumi is a Japanese voice actor employed by Arts Vision. Toriumi is called Tori-chan, Tori-san, and ToriKou by other voice actors and fans. He is a member of 'Nazo no Shin Unit Starmen (with fellow voice actor friends Junichi Suwabe, Kenichi Suzumura, Hiroki Takahashi, Makoto Yasumura, Daisuke Kishio and Hiroyuki Yoshino).
      ➾ Hong Yung-Seong from Soul Calibur (Series)
      ➾ Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia
      ➾ Eikichi Mishina from Persona 2
      ➾ Haruhiko Usami from Junjou Romantica
      ➾ Kiyosumi Sengoku from The Prince of Tennis

NAME: Vic Mignogna
VOICE ACTOR: English voice
BIRTHDAY: August 27, 1962
BIRTHPLACE: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Victor Joseph "Vic" Mignogna is an American voice actor and musician best known for his work for ADV Films/Seraphim Digital, Funimation Entertainment/OkraTron 5000, and Viz Media/Studiopolis. He has provided numerous voices for Japanese anime series and video games. Mignogna is best known for his dub role of Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist (which earned him an American Anime Award for Best Actor in 2007) and the alternate/followup series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
      ➾ Dark Mousy from D.N. Angel
      ➾ Yutaka Tamaru from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
      ➾ Tamaki Suou from Ouran High School Host Club
      ➾ Hunter from Spiral
      ➾ Fai D. Flowright Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle


Junpei has really short, dark, purple-gray hair that is normally always covered up by a hat. This baseball-styled hat is a black color with a skull-head in the middle. He has grayish oval shaped eyes as well. To show a comparative in Junpei's height, he is shown to be taller than both the male and female protagonists and slightly shorter than Akihiko is. He is also always wearing a necklace around his neck that is black with a pendant on the bottom.

Junpei's main uniform is the Gekkoukan High School uniform. He wears a dark purple dress shirt with the school jacket on top. The jacket is black with a silver circular symbol on the left side with red lining and black and silver checkered in the middle. He wears long black pants with black dress shoes as well. His belt has a belt buckle in the front and has a few designs around it.

Some of his other outfits include: weekends, summer days, and vacation days. On the weekend Junpei is seen wearing a black leather jacket with a white wife-beater styled tank top underneath. He also wears his black pants, his hat, and a necklace. On the summer days off, he wears a faded black tank top with blue jeans. He wears a bathing suit on summer vacation that are red swim shorts.

He never seems to be without his hat besides for in two of the animated scenes - the group picture, and the resolve. He is also never without his necklace.

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