The Magician is associated with the planet Mercury, carrying it with skill, logic, and intellect. The number of the Magician is one, the number of beginnings. The Magician is the bridge between the world of the spirit and the world of humanity. His right hand holds a staff raised toward the sky and his left hand points to the earth. He takes the power of the Universe and channels it through his own body and directs it to the physical plane. Above the Magician's head is the symbol of eternity and around his waist is a snake biting its own tail, another symbol of eternity. His magical table holds all four suits of the Tarot, each of which represents one of the four primordial elements of the alchemists - earth, air, fire and water. These symbolize the appropriate use of mind, heart, body and soul in the process of manifestation. The Magician's robe is white, symbolizing the purity and innocence found in the Fool but his cloak is red, representing worldly experience and knowledge.

When the Magician appears in a spread, it points to the talents, capabilities and resources at the querent's disposal. Depending on the card's placement in relation to other cards, the message is to tap into one's full potential rather than holding back, especially when there is a need to transform something. There are choices and directions to take. Guidance can arrive through one's own intuition or in the form of someone who brings about change or transformation.

This Arcana type characterizes the person with the following actions and personality types:
taking action - doing what needs to be done, realizing your potential, making what's possible real, practicing, what you preach, carrying out plans, producing magical results, and using your talents.
acting consciously - knowing what you are doing and why, acknowledging your motivations, understanding your intentions, and examining the known situation.
concentrating - having singleness of purpose, being totally committed, applying the force of your will, feeling centered, setting aside distractions, and focusing on a goal.
experiencing power - making a strong impact, having vitality, creating miracles, becoming energized, feeling vigorous, and being creative.

"In a reading, the Magician implies that the primal forces of creativity are yours if you can claim your power and act with awareness and concentration. This card is a signal to act and act now, provided you understand exactly what you want and are committed to getting it."


The Magician is a lot like Junpei because both of their main priorities are to be a hero and to take action. Junpei tries to get committed to others, and make a change in the lives of people he loves. One significant point is the experiencing power part above: he wants to feel it and he wants to succeed in it. After Junpei meets Chidori, he begins to fall in love with her. He makes it a goal and a promise to keep on fighting in order to save her, even if she never realized he was doing it. Once she sacrifices herself for him, he keeps on fighting for a way to protect people like her. Eventually, all of his hard work pays off, and he brings her back to life. Junpei also keeps fighting to be better and stronger than his alcoholic father. Junpei is a big ball of anger, which is why he fits this arcana. However, he definitely has to grow into it. In the beginning he was way too immature to truly fit the Magician Arcana, but in the end he grows up and learns what it truly means to fight for someone.


Hermes fits this categorization completely. Since Hermes is a God, he takes action - he is able to do what is needed and use his talents to succeed. He is well aware of his intentions and his motivations to fight and work hard. He can concentrate at one task at a time rather than be sloppy in his work. He definitely is able to fit this categorization.

"Hermes was known for his helpfulness to mankind, both in his capacity as immortal herald and on his own initiative. When Perseus set out to face the Gorgon Medusa, Hermes aided him in the quest. According to one version of the myth, he loaned the hero his own magic sandals, which conferred upon the wearer the ability to fly."

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