On the last day of summer vacation, Junpei walks around downtown and spots a pretty girl, though very unusual, sitting by herself with a drawing pad. He attempts to talk to her, but she just tells him that he is in the way of her drawing and asks him to move. He quickly moves out of the way, feeling awkward. She asks him what he wants, and Junpei, being the shy guy he is, says nothing, leaving her there alone. He wonders to himself why she was wearing strange clothes, what her problem was, and what she was was drawing. He doesn't get her, but he seems a bit interested.

Junpei once again runs into the mysterious girl in the long white dress, but this time, he makes conversation with her. He tells her he is surprised she remembers him after she says "you again?" She basically agrees with him, wondering why he remembers her. Junpei tells her that she stands out a lot in her dress. She doesn't respond very much, so he tries to make more conversation by asking her about her drawings. He tells her "it must be nice to have something you're really into," and asks her to show him the painting when she finishes it. She tells him he wont understand them because only she can understand her artwork. Junpei leaves, and she watches him as he goes.

The next time Junpei runs into Chidori, he enthusiastically goes up to her and greets her. She tells him they are only meeting again because he keeps coming back to the spot where she likes to sit. Junpei ignores her semi-rude remark, and introduces himself and asks for her name in return and also asks if she lives around the area. She closes her book and starts to leave instead of responding to him, when Junpei notices that her hand is bleeding. Junpei asks her about it, and she tells him to mind his own business. Angry, Junpei grabs her hand and forces her to show him. While offering to take her to the doctor, she wonders why he cares so much about her injury. She tells Junpei that he is very weird and smiles. As she walks away from him, she says "Chidori," telling him because he asked in the beginning of their conversation. She also tells him that her picture is almost complete and though he probably wont understand it, he knows where to find her later on to see it. Junpei gets excited after she leaves, and plans on visiting her again soon.

Junpei goes back to see Chidori, and asks her about her hand to make sure it's healing alright. Chidori lifts up her hand, and to Junpei's surprise, is 100% healed and it doesn't even have a scar. She completely ignores his concern and asks Junepi what he does to make himself "feel alive," saying how she doesn't understand herself very well. He asks her if he can sit down next to her and she nods. Junpei opens up and tells her when he is a hero, he feels alive. He tells her he fights to protect in the Dark Hour. She becomes very impressed by Junpei because being a hero in the Dark Hour means he will never receive recognition for everything he's done to save people and protect the town. He blushes and agrees to keep telling her about Personas, confiding in her and trusting her with the private information. She smiles and says he must be the leader based on his personality. Junpei, fibbing, tells her he is the leader and does a lot of work. She tells him everything sounds like fun, and is impressed with his strength. She gets up and tells him she had a fun day with him, and that she'll see him tomorrow. When she leaves, Junpei jumps up with glee, knowing that he will be able to see Chidori again the next day.

The next day, Junpei is sad because Chidori wasn't at the station like she said. He gets happier realizing that later that night when he goes to Tartarus, he will be fighting to protect Chidori during the Full Moon. He hears a voice before he goes inside the dorms as it turns 12 o'clock. In the next scene, Junpei is tied up and laying on the ground in a random room. He hears a voice telling him he was so easy to sneak up on, as he already knows it is Chidori by her voice. Chidori asks him to do her a favor and call off not only this mission that SEES is preforming, but EVERY mission, and no one will be harmed. Junpei does nothing and instead just sits there. Chidori realizes that the mission is over, and asks Junpei why he didn't do as she asked him. She asks him if dying is worth not calling off the mission. Junpei tells her the truth, he is not the leader and he's never asked any of the members to do anything, therefore no one would have listened to him in the first place. She looks at him in shock, not understanding why he would lie to her about that. He gets depressed, asking her if "it was all an act," the wound healed awfully fast, the notebook, the drawings... before she has time to explain, all of SEES rushes in to save Junpei. Chidori grabs her evoker and as she is about to summon Medea, Junpei gets out of his chains and tackles her to the ground. The evoker flies out of her hands as she tries to reach for it, Akihiko picks it up and takes it away. She screams that she isn't afraid of death, and begs and cries for Medea back. Junpei, shocked, wonders to himself what happened to the Chidori he knew. They take her to the hospital to rest.

Although Junpei was not suppose to visit Chidori at the hospital, he rushes in anyways to see her. Chidori is unresponsive and goes a bit mad when she sees everyone around her. All she wants is Medea back and is unwilling to answer any questions. During the second time Junpei goes to visit Chidori, he tells her he can't stop thinking about her. Junpei finally gets her to talk a little bit, but its always very unenthusiastic remarks. He notices her hands are bleeding again as he grabs them suddenly. She tells Junpei to let her go and not to touch her. Akihiko tells Junpei they've found out she injures herself, and gets pissed because he thought he removed all the sharp objects from the room. Junpei gets upset and tells Chidori he wont let her do it anymore to herself, and she tells him again that he is very weird.

Junpei walks in on the third day in a great mood, calling Chidori "Chidorita." She gets annoyed and asks him not to call her that ever again. He hands her a new sketch book that he had picked up for her as a present. She gets embarrassed and tells him he didn't have to do that for her. All of a sudden, a Persona shows up above her and starts strangling her, attempting to kill her. She cries out in pain and Junpei rushes to her side, freaking out about her. Once she is stabilized, they learn that she can't fully control her Persona from Shinji. Chidori looks at Junpei and tells him not to be afraid of death or her dying. He tells her that he never wants her to die, and that he wont let her. She gets embarrassed.

The next time Junpei goes to visit Chidori, he comments on how the flowers are dying. As she moves towards them, Junpei says he will take care of them. Suddenly, Chidori heals the flowers, bringing them back to life. Junpei tells her she is awesome, which makes her smile. He starts opening up to Chidori and tells her that when he was a kid, he had a crazy dream that he'd become a pro-baseball player. He explains how he felt like he'd be someone great, but he's not. She tells him she barely remembers her childhood, but only remembers being surrounded by white. She tells him she hates being in hospitals. He feels bad, apologizing, because its because of SEES that she is in a hospital again. She tells him she "doesn't mind that much this time... since [he] comes to see [her] so often." Junpei smiles and nods, telling her he wont let her down.

Junpei gets extremely busy with school and Tartarus that he isn't able to visit Chidori for a long time. He goes to visit her finally and apologizes to her for not coming in awhile. Junpei looks at her hands and tells her that they are beautiful. He is happy that she isn't harming herself anymore, as she blushes. She gets angry and tells Junpei that she used to have fun when he came to see her, but now all she experiences is pain. She tells him she didn't ask for the pain, and that he should stop coming to see her. He gets upset, asking what he did wrong, but she just tells him to leave and stop coming. Junpei, crushed, leaves, and feels terrible. He wonders what he could have done to make her so upset.

After Chidori breaks out of the hospital, she meets up with SEES again, acting very evil. Junpei gets confused, and angry again, unwilling to fight with Chidori. Chidori tries to attack Junpei, and they all start to battle each other. At the end, she collapses dramatically. He runs over to her and she tells him to get off of her. She tells him she doesn't fear dying, she fears attachment. She tells Junpei that he brought he pain she didn't ask for or want. She tells him "When I'm with you Junpei, I fear everything." She tells him she fears their time will end and she can't bear the pain that comes with it. Takaya and Jin come, and argue with SEES over Chidori, telling them that they had poisoned her. Junpei yells back and says Chidori will be coming with him and that he is determined to protect Chidori with his life. Suddenly, Takaya shoots Junpei, killing him. In a dream-like moment, Junpei wakes up as a patient in a hospital. Chidori tells Junpei she was wrong for pushing him away from her. She tells him, "for the first time in my life I realized what I wanted," where he responds "and what is that?" Chidori tells him she wants to be with Junpei forever. He blushes and they hold hands as he reciprocates the feelings towards her. She tells him it can't work between them though because she's known her whole life when she would die. He doesn't understand, and says it could work out between them. She tells him that she wouldn't let him die "here." Confused, Junpei wakes up from the dream-like world and sees Chidori literally putting her life inside of him. She sacrifices herself for him. Before she dies, she tells him she is happy because she "will live inside of [him], and [they'll be together forever." She touches his cheek and says she'll always be there to protect him, forever. He begs her not to leave him or go as she tells him it feels nice to be with him. She thanks him for everything he's done for her and the happiness that he brought her. Her final words to Junpei before she passes away is, "I love you...." Takaya mocks her death, pissing off Junpei to the max. They leave because they have "better things" to deal with than him.

Later on after the event, Chidori's notebook comes for Junpei from the hospital. He gets depressed just looking at it from the outside. Yukari asks Junpei if she can look at it, but he insists they wont be able to understand her drawings, because that's what she's always told him. However, it's a lie, they aren't just scribbles or random drawings, they are incredible. To make it even better, they are all amazing and detailed portraits of Junpei himself. He sobs next to the pictures for awhile until he realizes that Chidori sacrificed herself for him. He goes over to the main protagonist and tells him that he promises to fight hard and to get rid of the Dark Hour for Chidori. He is motivated to fight for Chidori and to prove to himself that he is not useless and her life wasn't taken for nothing.

To me, Junpei really needs Chidori, and vice versa. Although their personalities are completely opposite, they complete each other. Chidori and Junpei are both lost and need to find something that makes them feel "alive," and "useful." Those things are complete when they have each other. Although Chidori gives up her life for Junpei, their relationship is so adorable. It all happens very fast, but you can tell that Junpei is so dedicated to her - and continues to be even when she is gone. If you are able to unlock the secret ending for Chidori where she can be revived (find more information in the health section), Junpei says that her revival is that "happiest day of his life" because the one he loves is back. Although she doesn't remember him, their is still a chance because she is searching for the guy in her dreams that is kind and sweet. The future looks bright for Junpei, and he continues to fight for her.

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