If there is such a thing as "eternity," I want to believe, even if I have to take the long way.

If there is a will, there is a way

Welcome to To Love's End, the approved fanlisting, and small personal tribute, to Music of: from the anime series, InuYasha. This fanlisting was created on March 22, 2017, and is currently ran by Megan. Since this music has been so influential to me because of my wonderful sister, Samantha, I have asked her to co-own the fanlisting with me. We decided to turn this fanlisting into a small, personal, dedication to the music that we've grown up listening to. We've shed tears, found laughter and comfort, and felt angry while listening to this beautiful music created for the InuYasha anime. We hope that you enjoy your look around, and feel free to e-mail me with any questions, comments, or concerns. Thanks!


Version one of To Love's End features a scan of an official soundtrack image from InuYasha. This version was created by Samantha, the co-owner of the fanlisting. All other aspects of the layout were made by her, or default to the Mac version of Adobe Photoshop CS5, with the exception of fonts downloaded from Dafont. The navigation is self-explanatory, and consists of the links in the footer at the bottom of the page.

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To Love's End is © Megan & Samantha , but the music and series InuYasha are © Takahashi Rumiko. No infringement intended.