Someday the snow will melt without fail.

Welcome to Finding Spring, a tribute dedicated to Sohma Hatori from the anime and manga series, Fruits Basket. This shrine is brought to you by Megan, a fan of the cursed character. The navigation can be found above the title, numbered one through five. There are many unmarked SPOILERS on this shrine under one on the above navigation, so please be cautious when scrolling through those pages. Please enjoy your stay~

This layout is version 2, featuring an official photo of Hatori from the manga version of Fruits Basket, found on Minitoko. This image was in black and white, and I colored in the flowers and vines myself to match the color scheme of the background. This layout was created on December 10th, 2016. I added some brushes that were created on Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Mac. The font used for the title was Mesquite Std, and the navigation was in Mistral. To look at previous layouts, or other layouts created by me, feel free to check out my layout archive! Thanks for looking around.

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