The following information may be of semi-spoilers if you have yet read the manga or watched the anime. All of the following information is based off of the manga version of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch unless stated otherwise. If you have not yet started this series, there may be spoilers. Please be aware.

Hanon gets dragged along with Luchia to the Spring Festival. Hanon ends up separating from Luchia because Luchia runs off to hang around with Kaito. As Hanon is walking around alone, she bumps into a strange man who is very charming. He apologizes for running into her and asks if she is alright. Hanon, in shock, tells him that she is fine now. He hands her a small fish and says that it is embarrassing for him to be carrying around a prize that he got from a karaoke contest. He says it's awkward for adults to have it. He tells her that he can tell she is a junior high student, and to be sure to return home safely and not too late. He walks away, charmed by this strange man.

Hanon and Luchia later talk about Hanon's new love interest. She tells Hanon how great he is, how he charmed her instantly, and how she can't stop thinking about him. Almost like it was by fate, the man shows up during their conversation and greets Hanon. He acknowledges that he met her at the festival, and introduces him as "he music teacher this semester, Mitsuki Tarou." He tells her how he is "pleased" to meet her again.

Hanon's heart throbs more and more for Mitsuki. She always finds herself in the music room, asking him about his life and just giving him all of her attention. One day, Hanon notices that Mitsuki has a piece of music Labeled ""Classic Concert" Musical Performance - Mitsuki Tarou." Hanon gets excited when he informs her he will be playing in a concert shortly. He tells Hanon that "music cures a person's heart," making Hanon like him even more.

After Kaito and Luchia catch colds together, Hanon runs to Mitsuki to see if he had caught a cold as well. It seems very plausible because Mitsuki looks rather pale as of late. Mitsuki tells Hanon that he is fine, but excuses himself from th e conversation immediately, saying he has to go to the broadcasting classroom. Hanon feels awkward about this because it seems like something has been bothering Mitsuki, and he was not sharing it with anyone.

Mitsuki has his piano performance, but it is interrupted by Eriru. Eriru flings herself onto Mitsuki, holding him and attempting to kiss him on the lips. Hanon get's extremely angry, yelling out, "Kyaaaaa! Sensei is--! Even though we're not dating, I still can't allow this! You touched him before I got my chance!" Hanon gets so much strength and energy, and she defeats Eriru with the help of Luchia and Rina.

When Hanon goes to the Aquarium, she talks about how much she wishes that she was there with Sennsei instead of Luchia and Rina. She also states over Spring Break that it will be very boring because there will be no way of seeing him either. Over break, Hanon does Mermaid Fortune telling. She finds out that her new semester fortune is high in the plausibility of falling in love and finding true love. When school starts up again, Hanon's homeroom teacher turns out to be Mitsuki. She feels like the fortune is right, and was directed towards her love with Mitsuki.

One day after school its starts to rain. Luckily, Hanon has an umbrella and shares with Luchia. Hanon gets the idea that she should run to Mitsuki and asks him for help, that way she has an excuse to talk to him and be with him. Hanon gives Luchia the umbrella and runs to Mitsuki. When Hanon runs into the music room, she hears Mitski plaing an extremely sad song. Hanon speaks out loud, "what a sad melody..." where Mitsuki asks if it is that easy to figure out. Mitsuki randomly asks Hanon "Do you think mermaids exist...?" Hanon freaks out, not knowing what to say. She asks him what he is talking about. Mitsuki explains that he met a mermaid a long time ago, and that the mermaid he met gave him the courage and a reason to continue playing music even when he was about to give up on it. Mitsuki apologizes for randomly bringing up the topic, and asks Hanon to forget all about their conversation. He hands her an umbrella since she needed one, and Hanon walks away speechless.

Hanon decides that she should buy Mitsuki a present for his fall performance. She walks in and is about to hand him a souvenir of "Hanon's love," where he just stares at her. She questions whether he is okay as he wraps his arms around Hanon. He says, "I was waiting for you. You've finally returned to my arms." Tarou shoves Hanon to the ground with his arms still tightly wrapped around her. Hanon brings Mitsuki home because he passes out. Mitsuki apologizes for attacking Hanon and tells her that when she appeared to him, it was like another girl he knew did to him once. He apologizes again as Hanon slaps Mitsuki across the face. Hanon tells him that he is a horrible person for thinking of another woman while doing "something like this" makes him awful. Hanon apologizes for slapping him across the face and tells him that if he hugs her she wont be mad at him any more. He apologizes back for offending Hanon, and stresses how he must finish a song that he is writing no matter what. He tells Hanon that he recently saw a purple mermaid outside of his window, which immediately pisses off Hanon because she gets jealous of Karen and hates Karen already. Hanon urges him to rest but he refuses, still pushing the fact that he must finish the music. Mitsuki thinks to himself that he betrayed a girl and he must finish the song to prove to her that he was wrong to let her go.

One day outside of Mitsuki's house, Karen starts screaming to Hanon to take Mitsuki and run away. The Black Beauty Sisters attack Karen and drag her to Gaito's layer. The next day, Mitsuki, Hanon, Rina, and Luchia all head over to Kaito's house to get some old music. Mitsuki is so touched by how Kaito's dad felt for his family that it overwhelms him. He realizes that now he has the courage to compose a melody for his "most beloved person." Hanon immediately says that she wants to go with Mitsuki to help him compose his song, thinking in her head that she wishes the beloved person as about her.

Later on, Mitsuki announces that he is going to play duin gthe 48th Anual Japanese Classical Music Contest. Hanon goes to support him and gives him a homemade drink to help calm his nerves down. Mitsuki looks around and sees someone that makes him pause and ignore Hanon for a little bit. Hanon attempts to hurry him, telling him that he is going to be late if he doesn't start getting ready. Mitsuki screams at Hanon telling her to leave him alone for awhile. Once he realizes his outburst, Mitsuki apologizes and politely asks Hanon to leave him be, blaming it all on his stress. The song he plays that night was for the orange mermaid.

In Gaito's layer, Sara, the orange mermaid, tells Mitsuki's unconcious body that he is simply a puppet and will always be one. Sara eventually shows herself to Tarou, telling him that his betrayal to her makes her hate all of their memories together from the past. Hanon sees Mitsuki in Gaito's castle and freaks out as Sara rips apart all of Mitsuki's music that he had wrote. Hanon asks Sara to try and understand that Mitsuki's music was all love music for Sara. Hanon tells her that it was so hard for her to listen to the music he composed because Hanon is too in love with Mitsuki. Sara tells Hanon that there is no way she could ever even try to understand how she feels. Sara begins to tortue Mitsuki, saying that he deserves to suffer more then she did because his actions caused her to hurt. Hanon jumps in the way and protects Mitsuki from the pain. Sara gets extremely angry as Coco and Hanon both continue to try to persuade her to stop the hate. Coco and Hanon begin to sing in order to bring back the true orange mermaid and take her out of her dark/evil stage. Mitsuki confesses his true love for Sara and says he will be willing to give up his life if that means making her happy again. Hanon gets nervous, begging Sara not to do anything stupid. Sara confesses her true feelings for Mitsuki as well, and decides to save him from the suffering by giving her life away. She realizes that Gaito is her true love and she needs to stay with him, so she is okay with dying because Gaito was going to too.

After all of the problems, Hanon tries to hang out with Mitsuki on christmas but he is busy with other things. Hanon gives him a kiss on the cheek for his christmas present, as Luchia and Rina cheer her on. On valentines day, Hanon makes Mitsuki chocolates and gives him an early present. She tells Mitsuki to move on because there is another "better looking mermaid" out there for him who definitely cares more then Sara did.

As Mitsuki tells everyone that he is leaving for Germany to study abroad and to get over his past love, Hanon gets extremely upset. She goes with Mitsuki to the airport to say her goodbyes. Mitski surprises Hanon with a piece of music that he worked on all night to give her. Hanon tears up and jumps into his arms, kissing him on the lips and hugging him. Mitsuki gets red but kisses back and hugs her goodbye. He waves to her and tells her that he will write soon. Turns out, Mitsuki does write to Hanon about going to see his show in the future, and she shows up with her new boyfriend, Nagisa.

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