The following information may be of semi-spoilers if you have yet read the manga or watched the anime. All of the following information is based off of the manga version of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch unless stated otherwise. If you have not yet started this series, there may be spoilers. Please be aware.

When it is announce in class that there was going to be a new girl, Hanon got excited to see her. She looks up and sees Rina, a girl with long flowing green hair. Immediately, Hanon realizes how beautiful and cool Rina is. She gets annoying, however, that Rina does not talk to anyone on her first day at a new school. This pisses Hanon off because it makes ehr feel like Rina thinks she is better then everyone else, which could not be true in Hanon's mind. When Luchia tells Hanon that she wanted to become friends with Rina the next day in school, Hanon basically just wishes her luck because she feels like Rina would never do it. Hanon also gets jealous of Rina because her best friend had made Rina a friendship bracelet without even making Hanon one first.

Hanon warms up to the idea of Rina becoming friends with Luchia and her, but not until they go to Mitsuki's piano performance. At the performance, everyone is attacked by Yuri, a young girl that is really a sea animal, transformed ina human by Gaito. Hanon and Luchia transform together to attempt to defeat her, but then hear another melody singing. They see Rina transformed, finding out that she is too a mermaid princess. They all become friends after this, and Hanon welcomes Rina to the group.

Hanon, Luchia, and Rina all go to the Aquarium together a few days later. Rina has to walk away from Hanon and Luchia because they are bickering about wanting to be with the ones they love. Rina doesn't believe in love at this point, so she decides to go off on her own. Once Luchia runs into Kaito at the Aquarium, Rina goes off to find Hanon. Rina spots Hanon looking at the South Atlantic Aquarium, the exhibit that displays Hanon's kingdom. Rina asks Hanon if she is "remembering the South Atlantic Ocean Kingdom," which startles Hanon because she was deep in thought. Rina explains that she is ashamed that she was unable to help Hanon's people because their kingdoms are neighbors in the ocean. Rina knew that there was nothing she could do, but she still felt terrible about it. Hanon tells Rina that it is fine because her kingdom was already destroyed at the time as well. Rina and Hanon have a moment because they've "both ended up in a place like this, and now we're both remembering [their] homes." Hanon and Rina both realizes that "they" must have been involved in the Dolphin that was in the Aquarium. By "they" they were referring to the people who destroyed their homes.

During the mermaid fortune telling, Hanon reads Rina's fortune and tells her that she is viewed as cool by other people. Hanon then says it isn't fair because she knows that the fortune is true and that Rina is very popular do to how cool she comes off and her appearance. Rina gets embarrassed in a flattered sort of way, and tells Hanon that it isn't true, and it is just a game. However, it turns out that their fortunes are pretty much truthful. Hanon, Rina, and Luchia are all put into the same homeroom the next year, and are all happy because of how great of friends they all are.

Once it is apparent that there is a new mermaid around, they all go on a hunt to figure out who the fourth princess is. It turns out to be a purple mermaid named Karen. Hanon immediately thinks that Karen is very rude and does not like the way she acts at all. Once Karen attacks Rina, and tells her that she is a horrible person for not saving her friend, Hanon ends up hating Karen even more. She openly states how much she can't stand the "purple mermaid" because she can tell that she hurt Rina's feelings. Hanon cares a lot for Rina and does not like to see her hurting for any reason at all.

Hanon watches Rina and a boy that Rina is interested in, Hamasaki conversing around Valentines Day, when Rina gives him some cookies that she baked earlier that day with Hanon and Luchia. Hanon immediately runs up to Rina after he walks away and comments on how cute they are and how Rina should feel obliged to come to Hanon for advice as her relationship with Hamasaki progresses.

Hanon and Rina chat about how eventually they will need to go back to their homes under the sea. They are both sad however because they realize that they have love interests on shore that they don't want to leave. They both want to start to believe in love because they see how Luchia is able to have it and how she does not turn into bubbles. They want a life of happiness with someone by their side. This is a major bonding session between the two. After this moment, they are always seen together in the background and are together even when Luchia is no where to be found. Hanon and Rina decide together that they should stay on land and be humans because they are both in love and happy. They decided that they shouldn't suffer and be unhappy any longer.

Overall, Hanon starts off not having the best relationship with Rina, being jealous of her appearance and her personality. After awhile, they both start having deep conversations alone, talking about their past, their goals in life, and their love life. This really brings the two together, and proves why they are such good friends. Although they aren't best friends, you can tell that they would both do whatever it takes to help each other out and are determined to be there for one another. They don't tease each other, they are very upfront and deep with one another.

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