The following information may be of semi-spoilers if you have yet read the manga or watched the anime. All of the following information is based off of the manga version of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch unless stated otherwise. If you have not yet started this series, there may be spoilers. Please be aware.

1. I'm Houshou Hanon. Call me Hanon, Luchia! May I call you that?
2. Should we go cheer at the surfing tournament? You like Kaito, don't you?
3. All right! Hanon will teach you the way to win a boy's heart. After school, while shopping, we'll look for your cheer-leading swimsuit.
4. How come even with your pearl, you still can't sing? My ears hurt!
5. I never expected the princess of the Pink Pearl to be as useless a person as you are!
6. But Luchia, you can't just keep being a worthless princess!!
7. I did that because I was trying to become friends with you. And isn't Kaito-kun a human?!
8. ...Well, then, I'll teach you. If you yourself, by your own volition, reveal the secret of your true form, your mermaid body will turn into foam...!
9. Somehow I wonder if I did a bad thing to Luchia. But he was handsome, wasn't he... That man.
10. Two complete idiots! My head really hurts...
11. She didn't smile or laugh, and she didn't talk with anyone in the class. There are other cool-looking girls in our class...
12. And what do you think of the Princess of the North Pacific Ocean, miss Princess of the North Atlantic Ocean?
13. Tarou-chan is busy because of a music concert, so I'm-- Bored.
14. Aw, they're all so lucky. I wanted to come here with Tarou-chan, and not like this.
15. Oh, you're right. Rina's kingdom is the North Atlantic Ocean, so we we're neighbors, aren't we. But that kingdom has also already...
16. Eeeeh? Because she wasn't turned into foam, then wasn't it real matchmaking?
17. Sorry, sorry! Why don't you try to check out his true feelings on Valentine's Day? Rumor has it that Kaito is receiving chocolate, but not eating it! If he eats it, then that means that he's in love with the giver! Or so the rumors say.
18. She also should love fair and square, without obstacles. But to love a human is still forbidden.
19. This too, that too. Up until this point, right?
20. I wore a beautiful dress, and there was a feast and lots of entertainment. Everyone made a big fuss over me, I was like a queen!
21. Spring break is so booooring. Because I can't see Tarou-chan at all.
22. But because you're a mermaid, you still can't tell him. And even if you turn into foam, he still won't get it.
23. It's wonderful that you're safe, Meru. But is everybody else, together...?
24. You woke up, Meru? So where should we go? The human world has lots of places to play.
25. We were able to know that, thanks to this orgel. This will teach you the whereabouts of any Aqua Mermaid throughout the entire world. I asked the jellyfish, Kura-chan.
26. Luchia, how about this?! Mermaid Fortune Telling! Cheer up!
27. It's really popular right now! You can get your fortune told, based on the day that you were born. Let's try it out!
28. First, we'll do Rina. Wow, it says you're a "green" mermaid! You're a little bit cool, but you have lots of fans in your class at school. That's not fair!
29. Let's see, I'm... Oh! An "aqua" mermaid! The chances of me finding true love are super good, it says.
30. Our homeroom teacher is Tarou-chan! Just like the fortune said, it's destined love!
31. Aan, Luchia! Tarou-chan, I've got a headache, I'm going home early!
32. But she's right. We left even though we finally got Tarou-chan as a homeroom teacher. If you're too persistent, he'll start to really hate you.
33. That's right. If you would just admit that you were a peeping tom, I would forgive you.
34. Dummy! Mermaids have no tolerance for fizzy human drinks!
35. Hey, hey! Did you actually do something really perverted?! Iyaaan! I'm so jealous!! Something like this, something like that--
36. Kyaaaaa! Sensei is--! Even though we're not dating, I still can't allow this! You touched him before I got my chance!
37. A maiden in love is the strongest of all! Would you like an encore?!
38. Aaa, I finally get to press myself close to someone that I'm sharing an umbrella with. But I wanted it to be Tarou-chan...
39. I got it! I'll lend you this umbrella, Luchia. I'll pretend that I lost mine, and ask Tarou-chan for help.
40. But maybe Sensei could have a mermaid that he's already in love with?! It's such a shock---!!
41. What are you saying?! So then, are you saying that it's my fault?! Somehow, you just disgust me.
42. This is your punishment for hurting Hippo's sincere heart!
43. As mermaid princesses, we absolutely have to enter~~!
44. Aah, she pisses me off! That purple mermaid has such an attitude!
45. We don't need her! We can just let her be! And she said that Rina betrayed Noel! There was no reason to say that!!
46. Really, Rina, you look so gloomy! Oh, that's right! Tomorrow is the start of a new semester. I have to give a souvenir from that southern island to Tarou-chan.
47. "Thinking of another person while doing something like this... You're awful!"Did it hurt? But it will be okay if you really do give *me* a hug.
48. "Idiots," you call us?! We came all the way here just to save you!!
49. ...That's right. Rina, you can't act like that. My kingdom was also destroyed, just like yours.
50. I can never forget what it felt like, the day that my kingdom was destroyed! Let's go!!
51. What are you doing, Luchia?! You believe in Aqua Regina-sama, don't you?
52. But really~~~! In the end, Karen still said that she would search for Noel herself, of all the nerve~~~
53. Really, I didn't know that Sensei was such a fan of Kaito-kun's father~~! Since it's such an important competition, you should have asked Hanon for advice.
54. Did you hear that, miss lady-next-door! She's so intimate with him that she even knows the inside of his refrigerator! Suspicious, isn't it?
55. Hey, hey. Where are the older pictures? Like baby Kaito all nude, or something.
56. Hey, Luchia. Once we finish this, let's get dressed up and go pick up Tarou-chan and Kaito
57. You're not saying "I won't forgive that Kaito!" or getting angry at all. If it's true love, then EVEN RINA can change, huh?
58. If something happens, just ask me for advice, okay, Rina?
59. That's all right! As soon as we defeat Gaito, I'm definitely coming back here!
60. You should forget that mermaid that once was, and pay more attention to what's right in front of your eyes! In this world, there is definitely a mermaid who is much cuter, and always thinking of Tarou-chan!
61. Why does he love a princess like that, I wonder? I'm the one who loves Tarou-chan more, aren't I?
62. Even so... It's all right, isn't it? Even if you fall in love! And that means soaring up high and sinking down low... Right! But you're a girl, that's why. Right, Luchia!
63. Ocean, you are our precious treasure!
64. A good man finally showed up in your life, so don't let yourself be defeated, Rina!
65. You were spacing out, so I protected you. Now's your chance, so go on ahead of me!
66. Sara... How do you think that I felt when I heard that music?! Why don't you understand the song that says that Tarou-chan still loves you?!!
67. Hippo! Take Tarou-chan to a safe place! Sara, I'll go on ahead of you! We need all seven of the princesses in order to defeat Gakuto!
68. Well, yeah! But I was a little rude, I guess. Hanon-chan right now is a little bit scary!
69. That wound... Is that from when you protected Tarou-chan...?
70. I... I really loved Sensei's music. It gave me courage, and it made me feel something warm and gentle. I... Sensei, I...
71. Geez! I already told you, I'm not interested in little boys!
72. I'm not kidding! Even though he was just a little brat, he still tried to pick me up. Don't you think that ten years old is a little too young for that sort of thing?!
73. I knew it. The most attractive men are always adults.
74. It never showed up at the lost and found... But it's all right. Because I already received Tarou-chan's feelings.
75. Oh, dear, it looks like I'm going to have to delay returning to my own country again!
76. How come he remembers all of his other classmates, but he's forgotten all about us? And going so far as to forget about Lucia... He's too cruel! And forgetting just about mermaids is weird, anyway.
77. We thought that you had turned back into fish! Persistent, aren't you?
78. If you push yourself too hard... You'll just get yourself in trouble! Pull yourself together!
79. It can't be helped. Even worse than Kaito forgetting all about Lucia, he came back from Hawaii with a girl like that... Of course she's worried about that.
80. Why do you have this?! Did you ever stop to think that I would be searching everywhere for this?! I... I can never forgive you!
81. But since you really are sorry, I guess it would be all right if you wanted me to listen to you practice again.
82. Be quiet! I already told you, I was caught by an elementary school kid.

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