The following information may be of semi-spoilers if you have yet read the manga or watched the anime. All of the following information is based off of the manga version of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch unless stated otherwise. If you have not yet started this series, there may be spoilers. Please be aware.

After Mitsuki leaves for Germany, Hanon stays obsessed with him, willing to wait until he returns. At the airport, however, a boy who is two years younger then Hanon approaches her, trying to pick her up. The boy asks Hanon lots of questions about herself, and tries to defend his age by saying he acts older then he really is. Hanon forwardly denies him, and leaves. As she is leaving, Hanon accidently drops the music that Mitsuki had given to her. The young boy, who we later find out is named Nagisa, picks up the music and keeps it safe.

Hanon tells all of the other mermaids and her friends all about the young boy who tried to get with her. She refers to him as a "brat," and acts like she is outraged that someone younger attempted to get with her. As she is walking around the school, she hears someone playing the piano in Mitsuki's old music room. Hanon runs in there to see if it really is him, when she is shocked to see the boy from the airport playing the piano. When she realizes that the boy is playing the music that Mitsuki had given her, she starts sobbing and calls him mean for keeping it from her for so long. Nagisa asks why the music is so important Hanon and she responds by saying that her one true love gave it to her. Kaito comes in and starts to defend Hanon. Nagisa assumes that Kaito is Hanon's boyfriend so he tries to beat Kaito up by punching him. Kaito blocks the punch and grabs Nagisa's hand. Hanon tells Nagisa that she hates when people use violence to solve issues, but since Nagisa was so determined to get her attention she wouldn't mind hearing him practice the piano again sometime.

Nagisa comes by Hanon and Luchia's shop the next day and sits there watching Hanon. He tells Hanon that he has to be there because she is in a bathing suit and a lot of guys will be there checking her out. Nagisa makes it extremely clear that he is jealous and protective over Hanon, and he is very interested in her. He comments on how cute she is too in her bathing suit and her outfits.

Nagisa works hard for the next few weeks in order to purchase two special seat tickets for the fire work show. Hanon is thrilled and feels very special that Nagisa went out of his way to do this for her, but she doesn't want to lose her cool in front of the other princesses. She demands that they all come with them, otherwise she won't go at all with Nagisa. Though he is a bit hurt, he agrees to it because he wants to be by Hanon's side at all times. Nagisa tells the group that he thinks "Hanon is prettier than the fireworks" as she responds "How dumb! That goes with out saying." Nagisa and Hanon have their first little moment and enjoy the rest of the show together.

Hanon likes to keep Nagisa on his toes by flirting and talking about how much she likes older men. Hanon starts to fancy Rhito over Nagisa in front of him to make Nagisa extremely jealous. The Black Beauty Siste rs come out of no where, causing Nagisa to grab Hanon's hand and start running. Nagisa just wanted to get Hanon out of there to protect her, but Hanon realizes that she needs to stay and help fight. Hanon hits Nagisa in the head to knock him out so she can run back and fight. After the battle Hanon goes back to Nagisa and sits with him. She smiles at him and kisses him on the forehead, telling him that he can "act cool" sometimes too. She is impressed that he tried to save her, and starts feeling things for Nagisa.

Hanon complains to her friends on how annoying it is that Nagisa had asked her to hangout after school and then ditched her. She comments on how he has been trying less and less now, and it bothers her a lot. She tries to keep her cool about it though because she doesn't want people to think she likes someone a lot younger then her.

Hanon receives a letter from Mitsuki asking her how she is doing and telling her to come see his show that is this upcoming month since he is coming home from Germany. Nagisa spots Hanon reading the note and runs over to her. He grabs her arm and tells her to follow him. As he starts running, Nagisa slips and falls to the ground. Hanon kneels down next to Nagisa and he wraps his arms around her. Nagisa gets quiet for a few seconds and then tells Hanon that he loves her. Nagisa says he understands how Hanon must of felt when she fell in love with Mitsuki because she loved someone who did not love her back. He tells her that he realizes that he doesn't have any talents or special things about him so he understands why he isn't wanted. Nagisa explains that if his feelings are a problem that he can give up and leave her alone. Hanon tells him that he doesn't understand her or her feelings at all if he wants to give up on Hanon. She tells him that if he really wants her heart that he needs to keep on trying and tell her to forget about Mitsuki and what he meant to her. Hanon tells Nagisa that she was in fact in love with Mitsuki at one point in time, but now Nagisa is becoming more and more important to her life. It is hard for her to not see him or talk to him. Hanon asks Nagisa if he'd love her "no matter what type of girl she is," where he responds saying he would love her no matter what or who she is. Nagisa tries to kiss Hanon, but she pushes him away and smiles at him as they are knelt down together and hugging.

On Christmas eve, Hanon tells Nagisa that she is very happy that she is spending her time alone with him. Hanon gives Nagisa a ticket to Mitsuki's show, telling him that she wants him to come with her. She also tells Nagisa that she responded to Mitsuki's letter, telling Mitsuki that she would go and see him play when he came back with her boyfriend. She tells Nagisa that she needed to have a boyfriend because Mitsuki did so much in a year, and it would look back on her part if she didn't find someone to like in that time period. Being completely serious, Hanon tells Nagisa that she really likes him and wants to be his girlfriend. Nagisa gives Hanon an aquamarine barrette for her Christmas present. Hanon gets all red and happy and asks Nagisa to put it on her. He puts it in her hair, and tells Hanon how happy he is and how willing he is to be the perfect boyfriend to her. He tells her that he isn't a man yet but he will turn out to be one soon enough, making her happy and smile. They kiss on the lips underneath a snow fall in the moonlight. Hanon holds onto Nagisa tightly, and teases him as to whether or not she should bring him to Mitsuki's concert because he is a little boy. They are in love.

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