The following information may be of semi-spoilers if you have yet read the manga or watched the anime. All of the following information is based off of the manga version of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch unless stated otherwise. If you have not yet started this series, there may be spoilers. Please be aware.

Ever since the beginning, it was very apparent that Hanon really cared about her kingdom and what happened to her people. One day, a young girl named Meru with short blue hair randomly showed up looking for Hanon. Rina comes inside to tell Hanon that there is a visitor for her. Hanon seems shocked to see Meru, but welcomes her. Meru is happy to see Hanon, telling her that it feels better to be in a human form then a mermaid one. Meru tells Luchia that she came all the way by herself because she wanted to see Hanon. She describes Hanon as "stylish and pretty, and just the type of princess that I long to be like." Luchia is shocked that Meru wants to be like Hanon because Luchia thinks that Hanon can be mean, but Meru attacks Luchia back because Meru loves Hanon. Hanon gets upset that Luchia is fighting with a child, telling her that it isn't princess like at all. Meru sort of acts just like Hanon, nagging and teasing Luchia, asking her if she could even be considered an adult because of how childish she acts.

Hanon gets down to business, telling Meru that she is glad to see her, but is also wondering if everyone else is safe, and where they are. Meru tells Hanon that after the kingdom was attacked and Hanon got away, Meru hasn't heard from her mother or anyone else since. This causes Hanon to have a flash back of the mermaids in her kingdom telling her to run away and be safe. Meru hands Hanon the Ariake-no-tsuki Orgel, a gift that Meru's mom had given to her to give to Hanon. Hanon is shocked that she is receiving the treasure that was passed down by the Aqua Mermaids for years and years. Hanon enjoys the music box that she received, and cherishes it.

Meru goes down to the beach to find Hanon in her mermaid form looking out into the waters. Meru asks her what she is doing. Hanon asks Meru if there is anything that Meru wants to do in the human world because it has a lot of places that they could play. Meru tells Hanon that she doesn't want to do anything in the human world.

Meru is seen crying about her mother, wondering where she could have gone. Yuuri appears and tells Meru that Hanon is an uncaring princess because she abandoned Meru and everyone, causing her mother to become lost. Yuuri makes a promise to Meru that if she captures Hanon, she will find her mother. Yuuri gives Meru a shell to blow into when she finds Hanon so that Yuuri will know that Hanon has been found all alone. Meru agrees to this plan, csreaming out "Stupid Princess!!!" out of her rage.

Hanon is seen with Meru later on, as Meru blows the horn. Yuuri appears, and asks Hanon how it feels to be betrayed by her own friend. Hanon ends up fighting Yuuri as Rina and Luchia appear and help Hanon defeat her, Once Yuuri is gone, Meru realizes what she had done. Meru apologizes for all of the trouble that she has caused Hanon even though Hanon and everyone else had been nothing but kind to her. Rina tells Meru that it should be a relief that her mother was able to escape and run away to Luchia's kingdom. Hanon tells Meru that they knew the where-abouts of Meru's mother thanks to the orgel. Hanon learned that the Orgel is able to tell you where any aqua mermaid is throughout the entire world, thanks ot her little jelly-fish, Kura-chan. Meru is relieved and happy, saying how she "knew it, Hanon-sama really is the type of princess that I want to be like!" Meru leaves, apologizing again for what she did. She tells Hanon and the others that they looked beautiful in their transformations, as she heads off back to the ocean world to find her mother.

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