The following information may be of semi-spoilers if you have yet read the manga or watched the anime. All of the following information is based off of the manga version of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch unless stated otherwise. If you have not yet started this series, there may be spoilers. Please be aware.

In the beginning of the manga series of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, Hanon meets up with Luchia for the first time ever at their new high school. She tells Luchia that she can teach her the "secret guy-getting formula," so that Kaito will show more interested in Luchia. Hanon invites Luchia to hangout with her after school to go shopping for a new bathing suit to wear to Kaito's competition. Hanon makes it clear that she feels that the major way to get Kaito to notice Luchia is through Luchia's cute looks.

After they go shopping, Hanon meets up again with Luchia that sunday for Kaito's competition. Hanon walks onto the beach extremely confident in the way she looks, and tells Luchia to take off her robe and show off her nice body and bathing suit that Hanon worked hard on finding for her. Kaito ends up getting sucked under the waves, needing Luchia to transform into her mermaid stage to save him. Hanon realizes that Luchia is the mermaid that she's been sensing as of late, and confronts her about it, saying that she knew what she really was.

It turned out that Hanon was a mermaid too. Instead of living by herself, Hanon moves into Luchia's "sister's" boat house with her, and works there for a part time job. Hanon and Luchia start off bickering immediately. Hanon tell's Luchia that the pink mermaid has always been "envious" of others. Luchia tells Hanon that she is mean and full of herself, and they end up going back and forward with each other, bickering, for awhile. Hanon, although she is mean towards Luchia, honestly does like Luchia. She just gets "headaches" because she feels like Luchia is slow and dumb.

Luchia drags Hanon to the Spring Festival because she wants to see Kaito. Hanon gets separated from Luchia, so she sets out to search for her to make sure nothing bad happens to her. Evidently, she bumps into a young man and falls in love with his charm. Once Hanon flees home, leaving Luchia alone at the festival, she day dreams about what just happened, and what had happened to her people. As Hanon is in a day dream, Eriru, a fish transformed by Gaito into a human appears and attacks Hanon. Luchia comes home and knocks on Hanon's door, hearing Hanon screaming. Luchia rushes in and transforms in order to save Hanon, her new friend. Hanon ends up transforming as well, and they both fight their first battle together as princess mermaids.

Once Luchia finds out about what Hanon was up to at the Spring Festival when they were separated, Luchia begins to nag Hanon about falling for a human. Luchia only nags Hanon because Hanon told Luchia to be careful falling in love with Kaito since Mermaids are not suppose to love human beings. They both continue to fight and argue over little random things, like they always do together.

When Rina, a new girl comes to school, Luchia makes her a bracelet the night before to attempt on becoming friends with her. Hanon gets jealous and exclaims that she wants one as well because they are cute. It turned out that Luchia was already planning on making Hanon one because she wanted to symbolize their new-found friendship.

As Hanon, Luchia, and Rina all become closer, they end up fighting many battles together, and spend time together as well. Hanon and Luchia end up going to the Aquarium together, inviting Rina to tag along. As they look around, they see all of these different couples smiling and in love. Hanon tells them both that she wishes that she was with Mitsuki and not with Luchia because Mitsuki would make her time at the Aquarium better. Luchia gets offended and asks why she isn't enough, but agrees that she would also rather be with Kaito than her as well.

Hanon and Luchia always take baths together in their mermaid forms. In this time, they like to talk about gossip and boys together. Hanon explains to Luchia the significance of growing up as a mermaid and what she is expected to do and what she is allowed to do with boys. She tells her that if she lets a human know she is a mermaid that she will turn into bubbles. She however hints that Luchia should have Kaito find out on his own by making it semi-obvious that Mermaid Luchia is the same as human Luchia.

When Luchia is down in the blues because she doesn't know how to deal with Kaito, Hanon gives her love advice. She also tells Luchia and Rina that they should do "mermaid fortune telling" to attempt to cheer up Luchia. Hanon's teasing and support of Luchia always seems to but her in a better mood, proving that they are both good friends and care for one another.

One day after school, it starts to down pour. Hanon and Luchia cling to each other underneath Hanon's umbrella. She is bummed out because she has always wanted to be underneath an umbrella with a boy, not Luchia. They both argue once again saying that they both would prefer Kaito or Mitsuki to the other. Hanon gives Luchia her umbrella and runs away to go search for Mistuki for "help," leaving Luchia alone to walk home by herself.

In Gaito's layer, Hanon becomes separated from the rest of the mermaids. as Luchia is doubting herself, Hanon comes out of no where and screams to Luchia to start believing in herself again. She tells her that she must keep her focus and believe in Aqua Regima. Luchia is therefore able to overcome the darkness because of her best friend Hanon supporting her, and her thoughts of Kaito telling her to always believe in herself. This is a significant moment because it shows that Luchia only truly needs Kaito and Hanon in her life to keep moving on.

As Hanon and Luchia are having boy problems at the same time, they both start to talk about it in unison, not paying attention to what the other one is saying. They both get insulted at the other one for "never paying attention" to what they have to say, and only concerning themselves with their own problems.

Hanon and Luchia when it comes down to it are best friends. They fight all of the time because they are both strong willed and are focused on their own issues. When it comes down to it though, they both are willing to do whatever it takes to protect the other one from harms-way. Hanon and Luchia have in many situations been brutally attacked because they wanted to protect the other one. They both always have girl time together where they shop and gossip about boys and their issues, although they never have full attention on each other's stories, they both are still going through similar things. Hanon and Luchia are best friends in the series Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.

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