The following information was found in the April 2004 issue of Nakayoshi. It is a translation of the Mermaid fortune telling which is the same fortune-telling system that is found in chapter 08 of the manga where Hanon used the issue to tell her, Luchia's, and Rina's fortunes. To decided what your fortune you would be, you have to look at what day you were born on. For example, Hanon was born on May 24th, 1989 which was a Wednesday. Each day of the week has a different color and tells you what mermaid you would be. Here is which mermaid you would be depending on the day of the week you were born on:


If you are interested in finding out what day of the week you were born on, feel free to check out this website, which is a website that even goes back to the 17th century. If you want to find more details on your specific readings after you have figured out which day of the week you were born on, feel free to check this website out, because it is a very detailed translation on all of the fortunes. On this website, however, I am going to include Hanon's Wednesday fortune:

YOU ARE THIS TYPE OF GIRL - You are good at socializing, popular, and you have lots of friends. You are intelligent, and good with your hands, so you should be able to display your talents in all sorts of different pursuits. However, sometimes you can be fickle. You are good at capturing the hearts of boys, so you can quickly become close friends with any boy that you like. However, you react poorly when confronted with restraints. Sometimes you regret staying "just friends" with someone for such a long time.

YOUR LOVE FORTUNE FOR THIS NEW SEMESTER - You will be happy to be in the same class as the boy that you like. Even on school field trips and excursions, you will end up in the same group, and the degree of closeness between you both will level up. However, you are a bit lacking in femininity, and you will not be thought of as anything more than a friend. You can make yourself more appealing with homemade lunches, sweets, etc.

THE MOST CHARMING APPROACH - You are quite intelligent, and you can match your conversation to any partner. You are a master of charm, and can quickly become good friends with anybody. If you help with studying, or help out with committee [i.e., student government] work, your efficiency and helpfulness should enchant anyone.

YOUR MOST COMPATIBLE BOY - You are most compatible with a boy born on a Saturday. Study together, and if you listen closely to what even your shy, awkward boyfriend has to say, then he will be entranced by you. However, your boyfriend will be very shy, so you should be the one to invite him on dates, and you can lead the relationship for him.

YOUR MOST COMPATIBLE BEST FRIEND - You can easily become best friends with a purple mermaid [a girl born on a Friday]. You are both sensitive to fashionable trends, and both good at socializing. People would expect you to become rivals, but instead, you two can combine your good senses together. If you go shopping or out socializing together, you can both have a lot of fun.

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