The following information may be of semi-spoilers if you have yet read the manga or watched the anime. All of the following information is based off of the manga version of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch unless stated otherwise. If you have not yet started this series, there may be spoilers. Please be aware.

The manga version of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch was the first to come out. I really enjoyed everything about it for the most part. If there was something I'd change, though, I'd put more information about each character. The manga goes by pretty quickly, and doesn't really emphasize on any character as well as it should, besides for Luchia and Kaito, of course. I like how the anime stresses Hanon and Nagisa's relationship, along with Rina and Hamasaki's as well. While the manga may seem shorter compared to the anime, sometimes the anime can feel dragged on. In the manga, I enjoyed the second half where Nagisa came in, but in the anime I had trouble watching it for so long because of the way Luchia and Michael were portrayed. Luchia seemed very desperate and weak in the anime, while she seemed a lot stronger in the manga.

Focusing on Hanon, though, I'm not really sure which version I like her more in. I think that the manga is great because it was obviously the original view of Hanon. I like how she is drawn and I enjoy her character a lot. However, the anime puts more lighting on Hanon, and gives her more of a spot light. I like how the anime drags out their songs and their attacks so you can actually hear the music and attacks that they are singing. I feel like it gives Hanon and the rest of hte mermaids more of a personality. I also like how the anime shows the transformations of the mermaids into all of their different stages. I feel like the manga was a rough sketch on how the series should actually be.

Hanon is a character that pretty much stays true to herself through out both versions of the series. Hanon stays fun, energetic, pretty, boy-crazy, and flirty. Her character seems less selfish and self-absorbed in the anime, though. I like how in the manga they show a few petty fights between Luchia and Hanon because of their own personal boy worries. All in all, the series is portrayed well in both version, and so is Hanon. Overall, I guess I'd say I like the manga version of Hanon better, but they are both awesome.

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