The following information may be of semi-spoilers if you have yet read the manga or watched the anime. All of the following information is based off of the manga version of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch unless stated otherwise. If you have not yet started this series, there may be spoilers. Please be aware.

MERMAID FORM - In her mermaid form, Hanon has long blue hair with two stars on top of her bangs, which flow to the left hand side of her face. She wears an aquamarine clam-shell bra, simply because it's the color mermaid she is due to her birth date. On the upper portion of her left arm you will see that she wears a bracelet, which is blue. You can also see two dark blue bracelets through out her tail and her right wrist. The shell locket around her neck contains her pearl, just as it does in all of her other forms. She also wears two yellow star earrings.

MERMAID PRINCESS FORM 01 - The first time you see Hanon as a mermaid princess is during Chapter 14 of the manga. Her hair is very long with pearls strung through out it. She has flowers attached to her bangs which are extremely light and blue. They are roses, and they take the place of her normal stars. She is still earring the star earrings, shelled bra, and sea shell locket that she always has on. Her belly button shows. Her skirt has three boys and three layers of dress, all in the front ruffling downwards. On her tail she has two strings of earls looped around the base.

MERMAID PRINCESS FORM 02 - The second time Hanon appears in her mermaid princess outfit is during chapter 19 of the manga. Her hair, necklace, and earrings are all still the same as they were before. However, Hanon's flowers turned from light blue roses to dark-colored roses. Her bra is now studded with tiny jewels and has a ribbon tied in the back. She has lacy stripped gloves on that go from her armpit down to her hands. Her skirt has three boys and three layers of dress in the front like before, but this time it has a cleft in the front and center of the dress.

HUMAN FORM - Hanon as a human looks very different then her other forms. She has short shoulder length blue hair that has a barrette in the shape of an "x" in the middle of her bangs that sweep to the left hand side. Her eyes change from light blue (in her mermaid form) to brown in her human form. She wears many different outfits in her human form as well, such as cute sun dresses to shirts and shorts, or simply her school girl outfit. She is the second shortest mermaid to Seira, the newest addition and youngest one.

AQUAMARINE PEARL VOICE / "IDOL FORM" - To transform, Hanon shouts "Mizuiro (Aqua) Pearl Voice!". Her new form consists of a short light blue dress with gloves and boots to match it. The dress is light blue on the top part, and the skirt is sky blue with three layers and ruffles. Her gloves and boots are baby blue with pearl bracelets on her ankles and wrists. She still wears her star barrettes and earrings, and her shell necklace.

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