Name: Vanilla H.
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Emblem Frame: GA-005 Harvester
Height: 4'4"
Age: 13
Love Interest: Takuto
Favorite Foods: None in particular. (She is a religious-based vegetarian)
Hobbies: Worshiping, scripture recitation
Special Abilities: Healing with her nanotech pet

Vanilla is a taciturn girl who does not express her feelings. Although she will answer questions, she rarely speaks on her own. She has a special ability to control nanotechnology and can frequently be seen with a squirrel-like nanotech pet, which is made of a group of microscopic machines. This device enables her to fix any machine and heal any living organism. Vanilla does everything she is told. She has no personal desire or will, but has a strong sense of duty, which is supported by an almighty faith in her religion. She is 13 years old. She's a quiet girl who does not have any strong traits. She willl listen to any orders given to her. She is responsible for defense in the Angel Troopers.

Harvester can transport a high number of nanomachines for the repair of damaged fighters. It plays a supporting role among the Emblem Fighters. Its artillery is weak, but it possesses the strongest defensive system out of the Emblem Frames.

Length: 133'2"
Width: 165'4"
Height: 63'0"

Vanilla is a very sweet girl. Being the youngest Galaxy Angel, she is very intelligent and helpful. She is able to heal the whole Galaxy Angel Troupe when they need help. Her nanotech pet is also extremely helpful, and not to mention adorable. Vanilla's past really reflects as to why she is so shy and easily hurt by others. She deserves a lot more than she received. Overall, a great character and adds a lot to the group.

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