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 Fate Grand Order: BB:  Fate Grand Order: Ereshkigal:  Fate Grand Order: Gilgamesh:  Fate Grand Order: Ishtar:  Fate Grand Order: Waiver:  Fate Stay/Night: Cu Chulainn:  Fate/Stay Night: Archer:  Final Fantasy 13 - Oerba Dia Vanille:  Final Fantasy 13: Lightning:  Final Fantasy 13: Serah:  Final Fantasy 13: Snow:  Final Fantasy: Cid:  Final Fantasy: Cloud:  Final Fantasy: Hope:  Final Fantasy: Lightning:  Final Fantasy: Reno:  Final Fantasy: Rinoa:  Final Fantasy: Sephiroth:  Final Fantasy: Squall:  Final Fantasy: Tifa:  Final Fantasy: Yuna:  Kingdom Hearts: Axel:  Kingdom Hearts: Kairi:  Kingdom Hearts: Larxene:  Kingdom Hearts: Marluxia:  Kingdom Hearts: Namine:  Kingdom Hearts: Riku:  Kingdom Hearts: Saix:  Kingdom Hearts: Sora:  Persona 3: Iori Junpei:  Persona 3: Mitsuru:  Persona 3: Shinji:  Pokemon: Absol:  Pokemon: Arcanine:  Pokemon: Articuno:  Pokemon: Bulbasaur:  Pokemon: Charmander:  Pokemon: Clefairy:  Pokemon: Cubone (Karakara):  Pokemon: Dragonair:  Pokemon: Espeon:  Pokemon: Flareon:  Pokemon: Gardevoir:  Pokemon: Gengar:  Pokemon: Growlithe:  Pokemon: Gyarados:  Pokemon: Jolteon:  Pokemon: Leafeon:  Pokemon: Litten:  Pokemon: Mimikyu:  Pokemon: Ninetails:  Pokemon: Pikachu:  Pokemon: Psyduck:  Pokemon: Raichu:  Pokemon: Rapidash:  Pokemon: Rockruff:  Pokemon: Rowlet:  Pokemon: Sandshrew (Sando):  Pokemon: Scyther:  Pokemon: Shinx:  Pokemon: Squirtle (Zenigame):  Pokemon: Umbreon:  Pokemon: Vaporeon:  Soul Calibur: Kilik:  Tales of Graces: Asbel:  Tales of Graces: Sophie:  Tales of Symphonia: Irving, Lloyd:  Tales of Symphonia: Kratos:  Tales of Vesperia: Estelle:

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