to Siren Song, a fanlisting collective belonging to Megan at like-knives.org. After a few years of down time, Megan decided to come back into the fanlisting world around 2012. This fanlisting collective will allow you to view all of my currently owned fanlistings under the category current. If you click on joined, you can see the subjects I am a fan of. You can join the keep in mind list(KIM) for any of my fanlistings, giving you first dibs on anything I currently own if I decide to adopt them out. Feel free to view my wishlist to see other subjects I would love to own (in case you wanted to give any of my wishlisters away to me :p)! Finally, check out some other amazing collectives on my exit page. Please enjoy your look around~

MEGAN x MAY 2016

This layout is version 3, featuring a picture of Mint from Galaxy Angel. The image was found on Minitokyo. This layout was created a long time ago, originally for my Mint fanlisting on my old domain, dark-ocean.net. I decided to finally make use out of this un-used layout by transforming it into a cute layout for my fanlisting collective. Brushes were created on Adobe Photoshop for Mac by myself, or default. To look at previous layouts, or other layouts created by me, feel free to check out my layout archive! Thanks for looking around.

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