NAME: Medea
ARCANA: The Hanged Man
HP: 1200
BLOCKS: Light, Dark
"Staying power is the name of the game when it comes to Hanged Man Personas. They comprise the only Arcana with a distinctly defensive focus, with high Endurance stats and growth across the board. Hanged Man is kind of like a sturdier version of Hierophant, but with less offense."



Medea is a Greek mythological character created by Cicero in the court case Pro Caelio and later re-introduced by Euripides in his play, Medea. Medea was the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis, niece of Circe, granddaughter of the Sun God Helios, and later on wife of Jason. She had two children with Jason named Mermeros and Pheres. In Euripides play, Medea is left by Jason when he is offered higher status by King Creon by marrying his daughter, Glauce. Medea is a powerful woman in Greek Mythology because she gets revenge on her husband for betraying her trust and love. Medea murders her two children, kills King Creon and his daughter by burning off their flesh via poison, and leaves Corinth to stay with a new man who offers her protection in his land. The only reason Medea did not kill her ex-husband, Jason, was because he knew the death of everyone around him and losing Medea would be true pain that would last him the rest of his life. Medea is known in most stories as an enchantress and is often depicted as being a priestess of the goddess Hecate or a witch. The myth of Jason and Medea is very old, originally written around the time Hesiod wrote the Theogony. It was known to the composer of the Little Iliad, part of the Epic Cycle.


Relating to Chidori, Medea is a lot stronger than Chidori is. Chidori is unable to fully control Medea, which is why in the hospital scene, Medea almost strangles Chidori to death. Due to the Kirijo Group, the members of Strega use a drug supplement to enable themselves to suppress their Personas because these Personas were forced into them during an experiment. These suppressants is very important in the safety of the Persona user. Although Chidori is unable to fully control Medea, Medea still means the absolute world to her. When she gets her evoker taken away, she cries out for Medea and refuses to talk, only asking for it back. The bond between the two shows their inseparable personalities.

Medea is able to disrupt the analytic abilities of Fuuka's Persona. Medea is also able to interrupt Fuuka's telepathic powers and instead communicate to SEES through her. Medea also has the ability to heal people and living things, and possibly even revive them from the dead. This is seen when Chidori uses Medea to revive Junpei from his gun wounds and also when she revives the flowers in her hospital room. The powers went from Medea into Chidori, making them one once again.

✣ Medea appears as a palette swap for Konohana Sakuya in Persona 4 Arena when using Yukiko Amagi's Chidori palette swap.
✣ It is possible to hack Medea for the Protagonist to use, but unlike party member Personas, he has no voice clip for Medea and the game will crash if attempting to use it. Most likely, this was just to test Medea would function like other Personas. There is a picture of Medea amongst the rest of the Personas, however, which is also likely for testing purposes.
✣ Medea's design bears some similarities to Attis due to them both being of the same arcana, the "Hanged-Man". Both of them possess horns, hold jagged knives and are able to use Fire and Dark skills.

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